Dark Romance 2 Heart of the Beast Walkthrough

Dark Romance 2 Heart of the Beast Walkthrough

Last Updated on 30 April, 2023

Dark Romance 2 Heart of the Beast Walkthrough – Complete and step-by-step guide to the 2nd episode of the Big Fish game, so you can complete it from start to finish

Dark Romance 2 Heart of the Beast Walkthrough

Episode 2 Heart of the Beast Walkthrough by Gamzilla

The Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Walkthrough is here to welcome you. When a masked assailant tries to assassinate the professor being protected, a straightforward job quickly turns into a nightmare! We’re confident you’ll find what you’re searching for here, whether you use this paper as a guide when things become challenging or as a roadmap to get you from start to finish. This document includes a comprehensive Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast game tutorial with screenshots from actual gameplay that have been annotated! We hope that this information will be helpful to you as you progress through the game. To fast navigate to the game’s stage where you need assistance, use the walkthrough menu below. Keep in mind to head over to the Big Fish Games Forums if you require more assistance. A wonderful time! According to US copyright rules, Amanda Barrera is the author of this tutorial. Any unlawful use, including full or partial republishing without authorization, is strictly forbidden.

About Episode 2 Heart of the Beast

The condition of your father’s illness has gotten worse. Only the legendary Rose of Life, which only grows in a distant kingdom, can now heal him. You’re not the only one who wants it, either.

The strong witch Claudine has stolen it from a prince and cursed his realm because she is drawn to its revitalizing properties. She will do anything to ensure that only she has access to the Rose.

Join forces with the prince and endeavor to thwart Claudine. The lives of the prince and his subjects, as well as your father’s life, are under danger.

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DominiGames’ Dark Romance video game series is based on well-known tales, including fairy tales, well-known plays and books, Greek mythology, and science fiction stories. When Oleg and Elena Smolyanskiy were reading Greek myths to their son, they came up with the idea for the game. The series is distinctive in that the player alternates between the perspectives of the two protagonists, assisting one another during the quests and adventures, and finally coming together with one another near the game’s conclusion to fight the antagonist.

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