Dead Empire Zombie War Tips

dead empire zombie war tips

Last Updated on 5 December, 2022

Dead Empire Zombie War Tips – In this article we have prepared a complete guide where you will find the best tips to advance and progress efficiently in Dead Empire Zombie War. Keep reading and don’t miss any detail.

A new massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game called Dead Empire: Zombie War was created by tap4fun.

The game has exciting gameplay, interesting settings, and encounters where the player must cooperate with allies to defeat evil zombie armies.

In order to defeat your adversaries and bring about peace, you will train your soldiers and appoint female officers to command your armies.

Dead Empire: Zombie War offers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience to all players because to its strategic gameplay and gorgeous visuals.

We’ve produced this general overview of the game to make sure you get off to a great start.

You can get Dead Empire: Zombie War from the App Store and Google Play.

Dead Empire Zombie War – Best Tips

Dead Empire Zombie War Tips – Beginning with officers

You must decide which nation you want to support before beginning your mission to destroy and eliminate zombies.

The list of available nations is as follows:

  • States of America
  • Germany
  • Soviet Union

Different elements of the game will alter depending on the country you select. Specific countries will have their own units and experiences.

You get to pick your first officer after deciding which nation you want to support. Three different women are available to you, each with unique talents, limitations, and strengths.

Depending on the country you’ve chosen, you can initially select one of three officers.

The building housing the recruitment center is nearby your base, where you can hire more officers. There, you have the choice between the elite and basic summon options.

You will occasionally be given free summons as well, so be sure to use them whenever you receive them.

A golden recruitment ticket is required for elite recruitments, while a silver recruitment ticket is sufficient for basic recruitments.

Basic recruitment is substantially less useful than elite recruitment because legendary officers are available.

The only ranks available to basic recruits are exceptional and epic officers.

Through recruitments, you can also gain badges, officer experience, and speed increases.

Talent points

Every officer has a different skill tree that you can use to alter their playstyle and enhance their abilities.

You can view three separate areas in which your officer excels if you select an officer and then select the skill screen. It may be wise to build on these advantages.

You require talent points, which you may get by leveling up your officers, to unlock new skills in the skill trees of your officers.

Each officer has unique strengths and weaknesses. As a result, we advise you to have a variety of officers to cover the weaknesses of all the others. Your army will become more stronger as a result.

Additionally, we advise emphasizing each officer’s great strengths when building them. It is considerably more cost-effective to increase an officer’s strength rather than strive to make them strong in every area.

If a specific department in your present army is inadequate, you should instead build up another officer.

Buildings and resources

In addition to your officers, it’s critical to upgrade your base because doing so will enable you to develop better troops, increase resource production, etc.

To make powerful troops and gear for your army, buildings like the Tank Armory are crucial. However, towards the beginning of the game, it can be an advantage to focus on resource generating structures like farms and mills.

To further improve your base, prepare troops, and other things, you need resources. As a result, if you don’t have enough resources on hand, you risk getting stranded.

But you can also get resources through doing missions, battling, etc.

Officer’s club

A relationship system with your officers is available in Dead Empire: Zombie War, allowing you to strengthen them even more.

The more trust you have in an officer, the more benefits and stat increases they receive.

To obtain these perks and stat enhancements, it is necessary to increase each officer’s trust meter as much as you can at the officer’s club.

The majority of the trust points you build up with your officers come from playing games in the officers’ club.

Obtain awards

Players have a lot of rewards to earn, especially early on in the game.

When new players first begin playing, they will receive a daily login bonus. The daily login system, which enables you to claim a present each day, is the primary login incentive.

Players can earn awards by completing quests and missions in addition to login and event incentives.

You should take advantage of all daily benefits and finish all daily objectives each day if you want to maximize your gameplay.

Getting awards also involves joining a guild. You will receive rewards in the guild system for supporting other guild members.

Dead Empire Zombie War Tips – How To Progress Efficiently

Any real-time strategy game requires both resource management and time management to progress.

If you’re merely playing the game, you will always advance. The following progression tips can help you advance more quickly and effectively.

  • Train your troops frequently; you’ll never run out of uses for them.
  • Do a lot of research to find additional things and chances.
  • Invest in better officers. They will aid you not only in combat but also in obtaining extra boosters and essential supplies.
  • Upgrade your structures whenever you have the resources to do so. In Dead Empire: Zombie War, progressing requires upgrading buildings.
  • To gain more resources and stuff, complete your daily missions. Typically, they take little time and effort to accomplish.
  • Look at suggested missions for more rewards.
  • To improve your officers, get resources, and more, use the campaign mode.
  • Join a guild with members. This will allow you to support other guild members and receive gifts and benefits in return.
  • Participate in events anytime they are ongoing. Events frequently provide resources and helpful products.
  • On the world map, look for conflicts and resources you may win in order to get more resources and experience.




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