Dead Space Remake Secret Ending (How To Unlock It)

dead space remake secret ending

Last Updated on 30 January, 2023

DS Remake Secret Ending – Here’s how to get DSR Secret Ending. Read on and stay tuned!

Whether or not you like the Dead Space series, you should get the Secret ending while playing the Remake. The developers not only remade the game for newer consoles, but they also made some changes to better treat the fans. But getting to this point isn’t easy. So, here’s how to get the Secret ending in Dead Space Remake.

DSR Secret Ending – How To Unlock It

To obtain the Secret Ending, you must collect the 12 Marker Fragments. While that may sound simple, you will not be able to obtain the secret ending on your first playthrough. The game’s developers purposefully designed the game so that you must play it a second time to unlock it. Fortunately, there are no restrictions on what difficulty you must play on to obtain this ending. So here’s how you can get to the Secret Ending quickly:

1. Finish the game in Easy mode. Easy is recommended for completing the game quickly; the difficulty has no bearing on obtaining the secret ending.
2. Begin a New Game+. You can play on any difficulty you want, but playing on easy mode will get you to the end faster.
3. Look for purple glowing orbs in any area you’re in while playing; these are Marker Fragments. They are fairly noticeable.
4. Once you’ve collected all 12 of them, simply continue the game’s story.
5. When you complete the game this time, you will receive a different cutscene as the secret ending.

This concludes our guide on how to unlock and obtain the secret ending in Dead Space Remake.

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