Death Must Die Sign of the Cat Achievement Guide

Death Must Die Sign of the Cat

Last Updated on 25 November, 2023

Death Must Die Sign of the Cat Achievement Guide – A cat dies 9 times To Unlock Achievement, Sign, and a great passive skill

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Death Must Die Sign of the Cat Achievement Guide

It may be difficult for you to guess what to do, it was difficult for us too. So first we give you a clue, and then we explain everything you need to achieve it

Achievement Description

The description is a bit confusing: A cat dies 9 times

Although maybe if we give you a clue you won’t need to continue reading our guide: Avoron is the cat

Achievement Solution

In case you still have doubts after the hint, die several times playing as Avoron until you unlock the Achievement, the sign, and possibly Avoron’s best passive ability

Just clarify that if you press “End Run” it doesn’t count, they must kill you. No matter how you get killed, as long as you get killer, you can AFK, and wait for it to unlock itself. And to unlock the Sign and its passive ability, you must go to the Campfire and select it before a new game

Reward or passive ability effect: You gain +2 Revivals.

We hope this helped you, you just needed to know that “A cat dies 9 times” referred to Avoron

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