Decaying Winter Traits Guide

Decaying Winter Traits

Last Updated on 12 August, 2023

Decaying Winter Traits Guide – The advantages and descriptions of each trait, so you know which ones to choose for your build

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Decaying Winter Traits Guide – All Traits

These are all the traits and their bonus in-game

  • Violent Tendencies: Perform Light Swings with melee weapons 45% faster.
    • Exhibits low to medium magnitude of cognitive dissonance.
  • Paranoid: Shoot semi-automatic firearms 50% faster. Snappy Aiming.
    • Tends to interpret the actions of others as hostile. Trusts no one.
  • Impatient: Gain 15% more movement speed.
    • Shoot first, think later. Wants to take the fight to the enemy.
  • Honourable: Gain 35% more melee damage while using Fists. Can Parry with Fists.
    • Highly Stubborn. Holds deep seated respect for arts of old.
  • Tormented: Max Health increased by 20.
    • Always expects the worst. Overprepares for a negative outcome.
  • Dependable: Receive 15% Less Damage.
    • Has a team first mentiality. Always last to leave the fight.
  • Survivor: Restore 1 health every 10 seconds.
    • Highly resourceful. Adaptable to any environment or situation.
  • Relentless: When below 30 health, gain infinite stamina.
    • Can become overly fixated to completing the current task at all costs.
  • Aggressive Behaviour: Gain 25% more melee damage while using Fists and perform shoves 30% faster.
    • Overly reactive. Prefers to escalate conflicts through physical means.
  • Reliable: Perform Reloads with Firearms 65% faster. Faster chambering.
    • Always planning ahead. Dedicated to following orders.
  • Manic: Perform Heavy Swings with melee weapons 45% faster.
    • Commonly exhibits feeling of higher power.
  • Fearless: Receive 25% less damage from firearms and explosives.
    • Will disregard threats, even in the face of immediate danger.
  • Calm: Max Stamina increased by 75%.
    • Outstanding mental aptitude. Always effective even under pressure.
  • Lone Wolf: Hip fire ranged weapons 65% more accurately. Fanning and Levering (*).
    • Prefers to act independently. Often times questions authority.
  • Methodical: Deal 15% more melee damage.
    • Systematic in thought, approach and execution. Predictable.
  • Professional: Reduce felt recoil from all firearms by 65%. Cleaner aiming.Highly regimented, lacks empathy.
    • Sees team members as mission assets only.

Lone Wolf + Guns Combo

If you use Lone wolf with these guns, +50% Fire rate

  • Peacemaker
  • Peacemaker Uppercut
  • Peacemaker Chain
  • ‘The Redeemer
  • Winchester 940-1
  • Winchester 1901

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