Demonologist Tarot Cards Guide

Demonologist Tarot Cards Guide

Last Updated on 4 October, 2023

Demonologist Tarot Cards Guide – All the tarot cards, their effects, how and where to find them, and some tips

Demonologist is a Co-Op horror game that can be played with at least 1 and up to 4 players. Your goal is to identify the type of evil spirit in cursed places and exorcise it using your equipment, either alone or with your team. And the tarot cards are one of the most important mechanics in the game, their effects are very useful. So we explain

Demonologist Tarot Cards Guide – Effects

These are all the tarot cards and their effects

  • Void tarot card – No effect
  • Guillotine tarot card – player character dies
  • Angel tarot card – Brings a dead player back to life
  • Death tarot card – ghost attacks
  • Flame of fate tarot card – raises or lowers character’s sanity (effects depend on the color of flames)
  • Moon tarot card – lowers sanity
  • Sun tarot card – increases sanity
  • Aggressive tarot card – ghost more aggressive;
  • Slave tarot card – ghost cannot change the room it is in
  • Devil tarot card – ghost interacts with various objects

The effects are still not very clear, so if you have something to add, leave us a comment and we will complete the information in this guide

Where to find tarot cards – Locations

The locations are not fixed. They are usually in plain sight, on the tables. So the only recommendation is that you check each room thoroughly

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