Demons Souls Tower Knight (How to Beat it)

demons souls tower knight

Last Updated on 5 January, 2023

Demons Souls Tower Knight – In Demon’s Souls, you can easily defeat the Tower Knight by following these steps.

The second boss in Demon’s Souls that you must defeat to progress in the game is Tower Knight. A huge shield surrounding this boss feels impenetrable. Additionally, you are constantly being shot at by the archers, which makes the battle considerably harder than it already appears to be. But if you know who and what to target first, this fight might be shockingly simple. Check out this guide to learn how to defeat the Demon’s Souls Tower Knight. Additionally, get some tips on how to speed up and simplify the process.

Demons Souls Tower Knight – How to Beat This Boss

Tower Knight is easily defeated by attacks on the ankles. It will fall onto its back after you have sufficiently damaged them both; this is the time to assault its head. You should be able to defeat the Tower Knight in just one or two cycles of assaulting its ankles and head, depending on your character’s level and the weapon you use. The following is how to defeat this boss:

  • Start by taking out the Archers: The only reason this fight is challenging is because you must contend with all the archers assaulting you as you fight. Go up the stairs while completely ignoring the Tower Knight. Take out each archer one at a time. Additionally, after defeating each archer, hide behind a wall when the Tower Knight fires a magic arrow. After eliminating each one, descend to face the main boss.

When facing the Tower Knight, you must be prepared for when it will try to attack you. Get behind it and under its legs at this point. The Tower Knight will be forced to deploy these techniques as a result.

  • There are two variations of the Shield Smack attack. Both the boss and the shield are struck, one vertically and the other horizontally. These two moves both deal damage in an arc of effect. The horizontal slam, however, covers more ground. So be sure to withdraw when you see it starting to raise its shield.
  • Foot Stomp: Try slashing its ankles now that you’re close to its feet. This boss will try to crush you. You can quickly avoid that by rolling or running.
  • If you had been far behind it, jump backward. The Tower Knight will then reverse course. However, the jump isn’t too high. So that it can attack you when it jumps away from you.

If you cause enough damage to the Tower Knight, it will eventually collapse to the ground on its back. When you see that it is ready to fall, turn and sprint to either side diagonally. Keep in mind that its thick armor can damage you, so be sure to leave promptly.

All you have to do is return and lock on to its head after it has fallen. Now launch all of your attacks directly towards its head to severely hurt it. You will quickly defeat it if you keep following these procedures.

Holding your weapon in both hands will help you go through this situation more quickly. This enables you to cause more harm. This tip is recommended because you won’t be using your shield for the majority of the battle. especially if you plan to use the method described above. Additionally, as this tactic is mostly for melee characters, it won’t work if you select a ranged character that deals physical or magical damage. Then you can also try shooting at its head directly.

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