Derail Valley Best Mods (2024)

Derail Valley Best Mods

Last Updated on 25 January, 2024

Derail Valley Best Mods – Faster Leveling, more storage, additional masteries, New Classes and enemies, and more

Derail Valley Best Mods – DV Savegame Editor

A simple savegame editor for Derail Valley

Download DV Savegame Editor Mod > Here

Derail Valley Best Mods – Skin Manager Mod

With the help of this patch, you can give the game’s vehicles a variety of different textures, so you can duplicate your favorite liveries or create your own! Engines and vehicles that have just spawned are randomly given skins. When using the new Reskin mode on the communications radio to alter a vehicle’s skin, first pick the vehicle to be reskinned, then scroll through the skins that are offered before selecting the vehicle once more to confirm. To speed up load times after the initial start, the mod now features contains parallel loading, caching, and compression methods.

Download Skin Manager Mod > Here

Derail Valley Best Mods – Custom Car Loader (CCL) Mod

A mod that enables building and using unique train car models in games. A automobile can be made up in Unity, exported as an assetbundle, and then loaded into the game by a mod. Make sure that car spawning is enabled in the game settings before utilizing the Comms Radio to spawn custom vehicles from the Car Spawner menu.

Download Custom Car Loader (CCL) Mod > Here

Derail Valley Best Mods – Derail Valley Custom

Job chain generation to provide a use for the passenger stations and cars, including intercity and industry commuter jobs.

Download Derail Valley Custom Mod > Here

Derail Valley Best Mods – Passenger Jobs Mod

Increases drop rate of epic and legendaries

Download Passenger Jobs Mod > Here

Derail Valley Best Mods – Zeibach’s Sounds Mod

Replaces a variety of locomotive sounds. Add your own samples or change pitch of the DE2 and DE6 engine, horns, and the SH282 whistle. Also adds functioning bells to the DE2 and DE6.

Download Zeibach’s Sounds Mod > Here

Derail Valley Best Mods – Route Manager Mod

Do you get tired of the constant rail track switching? By using your Comms Radio and this mod, you can create routes based on information about active jobs.!!! Update now released with experimental AI and cruise control!

Download Route Manager Mod > Here

Derail Valley Best Mods – Derail Valley Train Spawner Plus Mod

This mod adds the Shunter, Steamer, Steamer Tender, and Diesel to the comms radio spawner mode.

Download Derail Valley Train Spawner Plus Mod > Here

Procedural Sky Mod

Adds day/night cycle, stars, moon and procedurally generated clouds and rain.

Download Procedural Sky Mod > Here

Cargo Swap Mod

Replace the textures of containers and other solid types of cargo.

Download Cargo Swap Mod > Here

Zeibach’s Couplers Mod

Reduces problematic behavior while pulling lengthy trains by altering coupler mechanics. enables pulling vehicles with a loose chain link, or uses knuckle couplers in the American or Soviet styles in place of chain links.

You can configure your model to hide buffers when your car is used with ZCouplers and knuckle couplers are enabled if you are building cars for Custom Car Loader. As a sibling of the [colliders] transform, add a transform with the name [ZCouplers buffers] to the root of your car prefab. If your automobile uses knuckle couplers, place any meshes you want to be concealed and any colliders you want disabled.

Download Zeibach’s Couplers Mod > Here

Functional Clocks Continued (DVTime) Mod

Makes the various clocks around the Valley functional and show the current time, with adjustable time source and scale.

Download Functional Clocks Continued (DVTime) Mod > Here

Drive enormous trains through stunning, difficult natural settings. Transport goods between industries dispersed throughout a vast world. In one fluid, emergent gameplay, you can earn money, get new licenses, and progress your profession as a train engineer.

A 256 km2 globe with 15 different industries and cities is covered in lush greenery, mountains, fields, lakes, rivers, and a vast railroad network. You can walk anywhere in this world or operate a train. Days and nights cycle over the valley without interruption, with the addition of changing clouds, fog, rain, and environmental sounds. Your options include changing the switches, getting in the cars, leaving them, or driving them somewhere specified.

Derail Valley thoroughly and intricately illustrates the intricate workings of steam engines and diesel trains with various transmission systems. Vehicle features like as behavior, audio, physics, and interactivity are made to thoroughly immerse and challenge you. Even so, you might discover something novel about them! In addition, you’ll unintentionally become involved in coupling, servicing, fastening brakes, shunting, and other railroad operations.

Every station participates in a dynamic chain that exchanges and receives specific cargo. Deliveries are created procedurally; they differ from one another and are nearly never the same. Deliver goods between sectors of the economy, or handle the logistics and shunting that enable stations to make more deliveries.

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