Disgaea 7 How to Unlock Carnage Mode

Disgaea 7 How to Unlock Carnage Mode

Last Updated on 19 November, 2023

Disgaea 7 How to Unlock Carnage Mode – All the steps and requirements that you must meet to access Carnage Mode and all the Hidden Stages

Disgaea 7 How to Unlock Carnage Mode – Requirements

You have to complete a certain number of missions, quests or episodes:

  • Main Story: All 15 Episodes
  • Postlude Story: Episodes Atonement, Reminiscence, and Zessho
  • Quest Shop New Quests: Win Evil Prizes, Bounty: Item God, 9,999 Moves Ahead, and I Wanna See the Best

It seems simple, although it basically means beating the game and all the secondary parts, so it’s going to take you a while.

Quest Shop New Quests guide

Perhaps of all the missions you must complete, these are the least obvious, so we explain:

  • Win Evil Prices: Netherworld Hospital > Pull Evil-Gacha > Claim Complete Perks (All Tiers)
  • Bounty: Item God: Requires Legendary or Epic item + Floor 30 > Reach floor 30 and defeat Item God
  • 9,999 Moves Ahead: clear a Super Overlord Class of Demon Shogi > Dimension Guide > Ep. 5: Something Harder to See Than the Future > Netherworld Sightseeing > Find Demon Shogi > Shogi Puzzle > Super Overlord Class > Clear all the enemies in max 10 mins
  • I Wanna See the Best: clear a Super Overlord Class Hinomoto MA Tournament > Dimension Guide > Ep. 4: The Ultimate Martial Arts Tournament Begins > Netherworld Sightseeing > Hinomoto Martial Arts Tournament NPC > Join Tournament > Super Overlord Class

Disgaea 7 How to Unlock Carnage Mode – Hidden Stages

Although if you met the above requirements you will already have Carnage Mode unlocked, there are certain Hidden Stages that require you to do the following

  1. Go to the Quest shop
  2. Complete the new Bounty: Hado Z
  3. After completing it you will unlock the next bounty. Keep completing the new bounties until the end, there are 15, and when you unlock them all you will have unlocked all the hidden stages of the Carnage mode

And we have already explained everything you need to know to unlock Carnage Mode and all its Hidden Stages

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