Don’t Starve Together Deerclops Guide

don't starve together deerclops guide

Last Updated on 30 March, 2023

Don’t Starve Together Deerclops Guide -Your entire base can be destroyed by Deerclops in seconds. That’s why in this article we’ll show you how to defeat Deerclops in Don’t Starve Together!

Depending on your experience level, you may not need therapeutic foods at all, but some foods such as pierogi, fish sticks, or lobster bisque may help. With kiting, you can easily defeat a Deerclops with only wooden armor and a spear.

Dont’t Starve Together Deerclops Guide – How to beat Deerclops

To defeat Deerclops in Don’t Starve Together, you’ll need weapons, armor, and healing food. Other than that, it is recommended to bring common materials such as cut grass, twigs, logs and hot stones.

Since Deerclops spawn at night, you’ll want to have an even light source around the combat area so you don’t die in the dark.

And since Deerclops tend to spawn near player bases, soon you and your friends will have to set everything up and leave your base for a while to fight.

We usually take all the materials and set up a fire pit away from the base. are you ready!

1. Don’t Starve Together Deerclops Guide – Prepare the Weapons

Most players in DST use normal spears (or Battle Spear if you’re playing Wigfrid) to fight Deerclops. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it will slow down your combat considerably!

Instead, pros tend to use ham sticks or tentacle spikes against Deerclops.

You can make a Ham Stick with 2 Meat, 2 Twigs and 1 Pig Skin. Target any pigpens you come across and destroy them with the hammer for materials.

The Tentacle Spike does less damage than the Ham Stick (51 vs. 59.5), but it’s still the best weapon out there. Tentacles in swamp and cave biomes have a 50% chance of dropping one, but they are very hard to defeat.

2. Don’t Starve Together Deerclops Guide – Prepare the Armor

In the early stages, there aren’t a lot of fancy armor for you yet. The ultimate combo to defeat the Deerclops is the Log Suit and the Football Helmet.

In Don’t Starve Together, block sets absorb up to 80% of damage and have 315 durability. You can make one using 8 logs and 2 ropes.

Combined with a football helmet that can be crafted from 1 piece of rope and 1 piece of pigskin, you can easily solo a deerclops! Just don’t stand still, as Deerclops are still bosses in the game, and can deal significant damage to your armor.

If you want to tank the Deerclops, craft some extra wooden suits and helmets and put them in your inventory. If one is destroyed, a new one will be equipped automatically.

3. Don’t Starve Together Deerclops Guide – Prepare the Food

Butterfly Wings or Butter are very good sources of healing in the early stages of a famine. Each Butterfly Wing restores 8 Health, and Butter instantly restores 40 Health.

That being said, honey, fish, eggs, and meat are all staples you might want to collect, as you can make some of the best healing foods out of them, including:

Gear can be a very good source of healing when playing WX-78. Each piece of equipment restores 60 health when consumed.


Don’t Starve Together Deerclops Guide – Fight the Deerclops

When the Deerclops respawns, you’ll hear a lot of growls, and your character will say some special lines. If you are away, stay away from your base and be prepared!

If you have enough healing food and armor, you can stand still until one of you dies.

But if you want to be a pro gamer, you should learn how to kite (hit and run) in Don’t Starve Together. With an attack duration of 4, the Deerclops attacks every 4 seconds.

His attacks can reach up to 8 meters in the direction he points in a cone. Getting hit twice or more will freeze you, so be careful!

If you have a cane or are fighting a Deerclops on the road, it’s much easier to hit it 4 times. Otherwise, if you have no sense of security, it is also a good choice to hit only 3 times and then escape!

You’ll defeat the Deerclops in a few minutes. Plus, Don’t Starve Together is a co-op game, so who’s to say you’re alone? With the help of your friends, you can defeat the Deerclops in under a minute!

How Much Health Does Deerclops Have?

In Don’t Starve Together, Deerclops have 4,000 health.

 if you’re still sticking with normal spears. With a ham beater, just beat 68 times on fresh antler.

If you manage to get better weapons like tentacle spikes, use them in combat instead of common tools like axes, picks, or shovels.

Some characters have unique perks and conditions to deal more damage. For example, Wolfgang can do double damage at his best. With the Ham Bat, you only need to hit the Deerclops 34 times. soon, right?

What to Do When Deerclops Is Not Spawning?

There are many ways to keep Deerclops out of your world. If this happens to you, please do the following:

  • You must come above the ground (out of caves) and on the main island (not Lunar island) for the Deerclops to spawn.
  • Check your world’s setting to see if the Deerclops spawn rate is turned off or reduced.
  • Deerclops spawn near the player with most structures around it, so make sure you and your friends are all gathered in one place. Or at least gather near the main base.
  • Deerclops can be easily bothered by other animals like beefalo or tentacles, so make sure to check surrounding areas for it.
  • Deerclops can despawn after she destroys at least 5 structures, so this may be one of the reason

If you’ve checked all of the above and still can’t find the Deerclops, we recommend using the rollback feature to reset your world for a few days, then wait again and hope for the Deerclops to respawn.

To use Don’t Starve Together commands, press “~” on your keyboard to open the debug menu. Then type /c_spawn(“deerclops”) to spawn a Deerclops at your cursor.


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