Dragonary CYT Farming Guide – Free CYT

Dragonary CYT Farming Guide

Last Updated on 11 October, 2021

Dragonary CYT Farming Guide – Free CYT – a guide on how to get free CYT and how to increase rarity to earn more

This is the free and in-game farming guide, you can also check the buy and transfer guide

Dragonary CYT Farming Guide – Ember Quests & Obsidian

As of the date this guide was published, the only method to get CYT playing for free is to complete embers (from missions), and collect 1000 Obsidian per day. You can check how much obsidian you have collected from Cave> Alchemy.

You will get 200 Obsidian per victory in Ember Quest. So you will need at least 5 games to get your reward


  • Level up your dragons to level 15 or 20 before playing any ember quests.
  • Any ember quest is valid, but maybe the air ember quest is a little easier.
  • You will consume 10 energy per ember quest, and you start the day with 80, so if you go for obsidian try to reserve at least 60 energy

Dragonary CYT Farming Guide – Earnings & Rarity

Although the CYT farming method is the same for everyone, the earnings vary depending on the rarity of your account.

So here is the key. Because farming is relatively easy, but with a rare account you will earn 10 to 100 times more than with a common account

Every day, based on the player farmings some CYTs are generated to be distributed. And the distribution is done as follows – Daily reward pool:

  • Common accounts: 1,5%
  • Uncommon accounts: 2%
  • Rare accounts: 10%
  • Epic accounts: 20%
  • Legendary accounts: 27,5% + Bonus
  • Mythical accounts: 35 +x3 Bonus
  • PvP: 4%

And the differences are greater than it seems. Based on the percentages, it seems that an epic account earns 10 times more than an uncommon account. But no, because there are many more uncommon accounts between which to distribute that 2%, than epic accounts between which to distribute 20%. So really an epic account can earn not 10 times more, if not 200 or 300 times more than an uncommon account

How to Increase your account Rarity?

With more Dragons of the highest rarity = highest raity, if you have same number of dragons of 2 rarities = second highest rarity

  • 1st example: x1 common, x1 ucommon, x4 rare = rare account
  • 2nd example: x4 common, x1 ucommon, x3 rare = common account
  • 3rd example: x4 common, x1 ucommon, x4 rare = uncommon account

And how to get the rarest dragons?

There are only two methods, you can buy them from the market or breed them (check the Breeding Guide)

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