Dragonheir Silent Gods Recipes (2024)

Dragonheir Silent Gods Recipes

Last Updated on 21 January, 2024

Dragonheir Silent Gods Recipes – All the Legendary adn Epic cooking recipes, alternative recipes, ingredients and boost

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Dragonheir Silent Gods Recipes – Legendary Cooking Recipes

All the Legendary cooking recipes, ingredients and boost:

  • Flaming Chili Meatball Recipe: Flaming Chili x2 +Boar Meat x2
    • Alternative recipe: Flaming Chili x2 + Boar Meat x1 + Beast Meat x1
    • Boosts: Fire Damage +5% + Attack +10%
  • Artic Soothing Soup Recipe: Artic Cod x2 + Boar Meat x2
    • Alternative recipe: Artic Cod x2 + Beast Meat x2
    • Benefits: Cold Damage +5% + Attack +10%
  • Northland Assorted Jelly Recipe: High Ridge Ice x2 +Arbortean Tomato x2
    • Alternative Recipe: Artic Cod x2 + Arbortean Tomato x2
    • Special Recipe: 2x Flaming Chili + 2x High Ridge Ice
    • Rare Recipe: High Ridge Ice x4
    • Benefits: Cold Damage +5% + Defense +10%

Dragonheir Silent Gods Recipes – Epic Cooking Recipes

All the Epic cooking recipes, ingredients and boost:

  • Deer Horn Pie Recipe: Elven Wheat x2 + Arbortean Tomato x1
    • Benefits: Max HP +10% + Accuracy +15%
  • Aquitaine Meat Pie Recipe: Elven Wheat x2 +Boar Meat x1
    • Benefits: Max HP +10% + Attack +15%
  • Sweet Roll Recipe: Elven Wheat x2 +Wheat x1
    • Alternative Recipe: Elven Wheat x3
    • Benefits: Max HP +10%

About the game

Arrogance has caused tremendous loss and taken away this warrior, whose spirit is now permanently imprisoned in chaos, before the world may conclude its struggle against the terrible Dragon God.

How did he end up lost in the pitch-black gloom? The Chaos Universum is awash with doubt and disorder.

It is the only route from the Chaos Universum to the Main Material Plane, and it is located at the edges of the Palace Entropica. Few people are aware of its presence, and only a few people may view the Palace Entropica’s concealed gate at specific times of the day.

If you see the gate, keep in mind that you can cross the planes if you face the Palace head-on and dedicate yourself to the truth.

In the video game Dragonheir: Silent Gods, you can take your time discovering a magical and dragon-filled realm. You can explore many biomes, from cold plains to volcanic areas, and find untold secrets, archaic ruins, and enigmatic relics. You may run into many adversaries, allies, and riddles that will test your abilities and imagination. Dice can be used to control a variety of actions, including stealing, trade, combat, and persuasion. Every investigation is distinctive and cinematic because to the game’s branching story, which changes depending on your decisions and actions.

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