Dream Daddy Craig Answers & Guide

Dream Daddy Craig Answers guide

Last Updated on 18 April, 2021

Dream Daddy Craig Answers & Guide – Best choices to max points with Craig, complete all his dates & unlock every achievement

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First Choices

  • Craig text: Go to the gym
  • You ready to kick some butt?: With your help, I am (Like)
  • That’s a good question, bro, what do you think he’s doing: Training to crush people’s skulls with his thighs (Love)
  • Ah, I keep busy. What do you do for fun: I love learning (Love)

Dream Daddy Craig Answers & Guide – First Date

  • Ask about…: coaching softball, business or kids (he likes the 3 of them)
  • So, the moms can hit on me all they want: The right person will come along eventually (Love)
  • You would be so lucky: I mean… (Love)

You have completed the first Craig’s date, ready for the next one?

Dream Daddy Craig Answers & Guide – Second Date

  • Playground:
    • Look for clues
    • Interrogate Joseph > That sounds a little suspect, Joseph
    • No (yes)
    • Try to calm River down.
    • Move to another part of the park
  • The Field:
    • Mat and Carmensita
    • Check out those squirrels > The tree
    • Look for clues. Find Arnold’s leg
    • Interrogate River > Good Cop
  • The woods:
    • Look for clues
    • Interrogate Robert > Be bad cop
    • Go deeper into the woods > Yes
  • The Dinner:
    • Grimy Brunch > Treat yo’self (Love)
    • Bougie Brunch

Dream Daddy Craig Answers & Guide – Third Date

  • Outside: Such a gentleman (Love)
  • But what if there’s a problem: There won’t be (Like)
  • Craig immediately begins taking his clothes off: Look at Craig’s butt (love)
  • You coming or what? Let’s put on a show (Like)
  • You’ve awakened the beast: Dunk him (Love)
  • Not so scary now, huh? > I’ll race you to the top
  • Wanna go again > You know it.
  • Got one more in you > I live for danger
  • Alright, I think that’s my limit > You’re right
  • Give me some moral support: Go overboard with compliments (Love)
  • Do I, though?: Hell yeah, bro (love)

You have completed the third Craig’s date, Have you unlocked all Craig’s achievements?

Related Achievements

  • Dreamiest Daddy: Go on every date with every dad
  • Keg Stand Champion: Go on all Craig dates.

Other dateable dads answers & walkthroughs: Brian, Damien, Hugo, Joseph, Mat, Robert

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