Dreams of Desire Endings Guide

Dreams of Desire Endings

Last Updated on 25 October, 2021

Dreams of Desire Endings Guide – There are 4 possible endings and several additional events with some characters, we explain how to get them

In this guide we are only going to show you the requirements and the days or episodes in which the decisions are made. If you need more information, the Complete Walkthrough, visit> Walkthrough

Dreams of Desire Endings Guide – Characters Positive States

These are the only factors that affect to be able to achieve the best endings of the game:

  • Mrs Turner Positive State Requirements:
    1. Second Minigame: Watch the romantic movie with her (Day 7)
    2. When you hand over your work to her, go for the kiss
  • Tracy Positive State Requirements:
    1. She will be in positive state if she is alive, so don’t kill her
  • Alice Positive State Requirements:
    • Choose the true love route (episode 3 – Party)
    • Go to the ice cream date with her on day 10
  • Marcus Positive State Requirements:
    • Don’t use the spell on Latisha in the library (Day 4)
    • Tell him about the apparition in the coffee shop (Day 7)

Dreams of Desire Endings Guide – Good Ending

Requirements: Tracy is Alive

Perfect Ending

All the characters in positive state: Mrs Turner, Tracy, Alice & Marcus

Good Ending

  • Mrs Turner Good End Requirements: Only her in positive state
  • Tracy Good End Requirements: Tracy in positive state, but Alice & Mrs Turner in negative state
  • Alice Good End Requirements: Alice in positive state but Mrs Turner in negative state
  • Marcus Good End Requirements: Not Available

Dreams of Desire Endings Guide – Bad Endings

Requirements: Tracy is Dead

Corruption End requirements

  1. Tracy is dead
  2. Confront Tracy
  3. Be pushey with Mrs Turner
  4. Alice’s Obey path
  5. Accept the help of the apparition when offered

Of course it is not one of the good endings, but if you liked the game, we recommend you unlock it

Bad End requirements: if Tracy is dead and you don’t meet the corruption end requirements

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