Dungeon Encounters Map Riddle Solutions

Dungeon Encounters Map Riddle

Last Updated on 30 October, 2021

Dungeon Encounters Map Riddle Solutions – The solution for every Map Riddle, with explanations to understand the logic of each riddle

There are 16 Map Riddles and these are the solutions, of course there are spoilers. In other guides we have given you clues on how to solve them on your own. But in this case we put the solutions directly to you

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Dungeon Encounters Map Riddle Solutions – Solutions

These are Solutions for each riddle, and the rewards you will obtain:

Event Tile Reward
Map Riddle 1 Solution 08.24.15 Ancient Mirror
Map Riddle 2 Solution 15.80.80 Cutlery Set
Map Riddle 3 Solution 23.65.67 Shuriken
Map Riddle 4 Solution 33.33.54 Enchanted Shuriken
Map Riddle 5 Solution 37.66.38 Officiant’s Staff
Map Riddle 6 Solution 30.67.36 Painting
Map Riddle 7 Solution 39.82.61 Dragon Scale
Map Riddle 8 Solution 53.58.60 Graphene Webbing
Map Riddle 9 Solution 42.70.58 Maximillian Armor
Map Riddle 10 Solution 59.85.52 Lordly Robes
Map Riddle 11 Solution 65.44.25 Meowitzer
Map Riddle 12 Solution 69.42.83 Cloak Of The Divine
Map Riddle 13 Solution 73.14.33 Maliare 9
Map Riddle 14 Solution 87.54.38 Malafluxare 9
Map Riddle 15 Solution 98.50.52 Megamalafluxare
Map Riddle 16 Solution 97.46.20 Escutcheon

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