East Brickton Map Roblox

East Brickton Map

Last Updated on 13 July, 2023

East Brickton Map & Locations Roblox – a high resolution map with the main locations marked, also info about each location

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East Brickton Map – Full Map

This is the Factions Full Map, click on the map to enlarge:

East Brickton Factions Map

Just enlarge and find everything you need.

We found this map in the official East Brickton Community Discord server, posted and created by an admin of the channel. But we cannot currently access the Discord channel, so we have shared it in case other players are in the same situation

Factions Locations Map

There are 6 Factions in East Brickton and these are their locations

  • Project Boyz: Northwest side of the map, between the Shaffer Village and the Parking Lot. To the left of the Courts, the Boxing Club, and also the Neighborhood 37 Faction
  • Neighborhood 37: Northwest side of the map, between the couts and the Boxing Club. To the right of the Shaffer Village, the Parking lot, and also the Project Boyz Faction
  • Ready to Kill: West side of the map, by the Genesee Home, south from Fuegoz, and between two factions: Neighborhood 37 and 720 Eightball connection. There are also another two factions very close, you can find 700 Broadway Bloods and 1030 Bedford Ave Brims going east from the Ready to Kill Location
  • 720 Eightball connection: It is the faction located in the southernmost part of the map, south from Ready to Kill, and to the left of the auto shop and the gun shop
  • 700 Broadway Bloods: Find this faction downtown, north from 1030 Bedford Ave Brims and between Broadway avenue and Langfield street. There are some useful locations near, the Bank, the mini mart, the Brickton Gas, DMV, and also the Car Dealership
  • 1030 Bedford Ave Brims: Find this faction downtown, south from 700 Broadway Bloods, in Bedford ave. Near locations like the parking lot, York Street, Brickton Gas and Lit Fits

We will update this map and locations in future updates of the game

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