Enter The Gungeon Tips (Top 18 Useful Tips)

enter the gungeon tips

Last Updated on 21 December, 2022

Enter The Gungeon Tips –  In this guide you will find 18 useful tips that will be of great help to you in order to advance in the game successfully. Read on to learn more!

Enter the Gungeon is an easy game to pick up and play, but it takes a long time to get good at it, just like many other games in the Bullet Hell genre. Additionally, a lot of factors might have a big impact on your run, so you need to make the best choices you can to improve your chances of conquering the gungeon!

I have therefore put together a list of 18 helpful tips to make it easier for you to navigate the gungeon.

Enter The Gungeon Tips – Increase Movement Speed Outside The Combat

The most important advice I can give you to speed up your game is probably this one. By selecting the increased speed out of combat option under gameplay options, you can move faster when not engaged in combat. It will not only let you know when the area you’re in is clear when you need to move more quickly when there are no enemies around.

Just be aware that unless your reflexes are lightning fast, you’ll tumble into a pit if you enter it after going through a door or a trap a few steps in front of you.

Enter The Gungeon Tips – Switch Your Weapons to Reload Them

It’s not always necessary to reload your gun in order to resume shooting. Consider the Hammer and the Luxing Cannon as two examples of weapons with relatively large magazines. You can use one gun to empty its clip, switch to the other, empty its clip, and then return to the first weapon. It will be loaded again and ready to shoot.

Enter The Gungeon Tips – Tap Instead of Hold When Using Semi-automatics

Instead of holding down the fire button, tapping allows you to fire most semi-automatic weapons more quickly. This is especially helpful for boss fights or challenging rooms where you have to eliminate foes quickly. Here, defense is offensive. Faster fire can save your life, even while it’s always important to prioritize survival first if you can kill your enemies before you waste too much time dodging a fight.

Enter The Gungepon Tips – Always Shoot Chests Before You Open Them

To make sure there are no Mimics within the chests, always shoot them once before opening them. Be careful not to fire the chest too soon because you need to wait for the spawn animation to finish. If not, the chest might still be a mimic, but blasting it had no effect. After a little period of time, the chest will start to move if it is a mimic. A key used on a mimic will destroy it, and if you get too close, it will hurt you. Keep in mind that pedestals you encounter after you defeat your boss may contain Mimics.

Enter The Gungeon Tips – Flipping Tables Will Protect You From Damage

Anytime you flip a table while the animation is playing, a mini blanket will be created to shield you from damage. For a moment, an invisible circular barrier will be created that prevents enemy bullets from passing through. It won’t matter either way you flip it; you’ll still be protected. The table won’t decay from the bullets it blocks during the flipping motion or the set animation (and it won’t shield you from explosions). Despite the short amount of time available, a well-planned table flip will help you escape a risky situation.

Enter The Gungeon Tips -You Can Stop Sliding on the Table by Pressing Dodge

By pressing the dodge button, you can halt your sliding on the table. Avoid rolling on top of a table since you’ll slide across it rapidly. You can fire while gliding past all of the tables if there are a row of them next to one another. However, since you aren’t really in the air, it doesn’t make you immune to enemy fire. Just be aware that rolling in a dodge while sliding on a table will instantly break it.

Enter The Gungeon Tips – Use The Power of Knockback

Never undervalue the force of a knockback. Anytime there is a pit, you can shove any ground enemy, especially jammed enemies, to instantly kill them. Flying foes are ineligible for this.

There is one exception, though: if a Shelleton falls into a pit, he won’t be killed and will instead respawn on top of the surface.

Several items, including the following, make your gun’s knockback worse:

  • The Potion of Gun Friendship
  • Heavy Bullets
  • Fat Bullets

Many shotguns have higher knockback by default; nonetheless, if you’re looking for a list of the battle guns with the most knockback, these are them:

  • T-shirt cannon
  • Pog cannon
  • Pulse cannon
  • Cobalt hammer
  • Casey (Baseball Bat)

Enter The Gungeon Tips – High Dragun Boss Fight Tips

Move to either corner of the bottom while fighting High Dragun to avoid his fireball barrage since the ones coming from your side will curve just enough so they won’t touch you. When it comes to the person on the other side, you can either touch them or lean against the wall because damage is only dealt when you strike the ground.

For protection in phase 2 if you have the Baby Good Mimic or Chicken Flute, stand behind them. Due of the unpredictable pattern at this phase, there is a slight chance that a bullet would sneak through, but once the pattern is set, you can unwind.

Enter The Gungeon Tips – Secret ‘Coolness Stat’ Which Reduces Your Cooldowns

Coolness is a hidden stat. The quicker your active items’ cooldown, i.e., the higher it is. There are 12 items in all that will raise this stat, and they are as follows:

  • Ballot (+3)
  • Cigarettes (+1 per use)
  • Heart of Ice (+1)
  • Ice Cube (+3)
  • Iron Coin (+2)
  • Magic Sweet (+1)
  • Old Goldie (+1)
  • Orange (+2 per use)
  • Rad Gun (+2)
  • Shade’s Revolver (+3)
  • Sixth Chamber (+2 per curse level)
  • Sunglasses (+2)

Enter The Gungeon Tips – Secret Curse Stat

Another hidden statistic is called, and the value of this stat determines how difficult your round will be. Every character has a curse level of zero at the beginning. The player can then take a few different actions to raise it.

Some foes will become jammed and turn red if they are cursed. The chance of running across a jammed enemy increases with curse level. Enemies who are jammed have greater health, are faster to move and shoot, do contact damage if they don’t already, and each hit will result in the loss of an entire heart.

There won’t be any need for two pieces of armor.

A jammed enemy will drop more coins when it is killed. In light of this, bosses are also susceptible to jamming. The chance of running into a stuck boss is:

  • Curse level 7 or 8 = 20%
  • Curse level 9 = 30%
  • Curse level 10+ = 50%

Bosses are subject to the same curse rules as other jammed enemies.

Fighting mimics and chests containing fuses is also more likely when you’re cursed. The rewards are the same even if the mimics are jammed.

Lord of the Jammed

The Lord of the Jammed comes and begins chasing you at curse level 10. He will shoot 12 regular bullets in all directions while swinging his scythe. Fortunately, unlike the Gun Reaper, he won’t block your shots and deal any contact damage, but if he enters the area where the shopkeeper or any merchant is, he’ll frighten them and prevent you from buying anything from them.

The shopkeeper has a brief window of opportunity to sell you his items before pulling them off the shelf, but the other merchants do not. The items will become immediately unavailable as soon as he enters the same room.

By decreasing your curse level and going into the next chamber, you can make him vanish. If you’re fortunate enough to roll cleansed on the dice shrine, you can also remove up to 10 cursed levels by dropping the goods that raise it and drinking from the cleansed shrine.

Enter The Gungeon Tips – You Can Steal From Shopkeepers and Merchants

Using a weapon that makes you invisible or an active item, you can steal the shopkeeper or any merchant. Some of these items are:

  • Box
  • Directional Pad
  • Chaff Grenade
  • Charm Horn
  • Decoy

You gain one level of curse for each thing you steal. The first thing is absolutely guaranteed, the second thing will be 50%, and the third thing will be 10%. If you don’t get caught, you can only steal from a shopkeeper again.

Enter The Gungeon Tips – Health That You Can’t Pick Up Can Be Saved for Later

When your health is full, you can refill it by visiting the store’s containers or taking the elevator to the next floor. You must always use your remaining health on the same floor because this won’t change from floor to floor.

Do Not Shoot Bullets in the Shop

Never shoot inside the shop unless the drill, clown mask, or loot bag are on sale. They cost 9999 coins each. Only stealing or upsetting the shopkeeper by leaving and then coming to claim them will unlock those. Unfortunately, it is not possible to win the game with 9999 coins.

Use Your Blanks

If you have fewer than two blanks left, don’t be scared to use them because they will be replenished on every floor. The majority of players will discover that their items will never be used, so use them! Gamers are stubborn and want to save all of their resources until they are absolutely necessary.

Hegemony Credits and Coins Are Collected on Exit

When you leave the room, all coins and hegemony credits—the green currency you can use at the breach—are immediately collected, even if some of them fell into pits.

You Can Roll Barrels

Except for explosive barrels, rolling a barrel will leave a trail of whatever is within. Rolling over an explosive barrel will cause it to explode without being destroyed, but it will have no effect on the other ones. They will, however, cause you to stop in your tracks.

Equip the Ration when Playing as Pilot

When playing Pilot, you must have the ration selected as an active item in order to stay alive because otherwise, it won’t restore your health when you pass out. I can’t tell you how many times I forgot to select it, and as a result, my run was cut short.

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