Eternal Return Tier List – Top Characters Ranked – September 2023

eternal return tier list

Last Updated on 5 September, 2023

Eternal Return Tier List – Welcome to our Eternal Return tier list. On this article, you’ll find our ranking of the best Eternal Return characters in Season 7 Meta.

Eternal Return Season 7 in 2022

The following Eternal Return Tier List rankings were created based on Platinum tiers and above, and are for single player only.

Of course, you can still use these characters to win at other tiers or even on pre-made teams, but this list is more geared towards Platinum and higher tier single player.

Eternal Return Tier List – S Tier

In the current meta of Season 7, the S-tier Eternal Return character is easily the best character in the game. However, keep in mind that while they are best in solo play at Platinum tier (or higher), they may behave a bit differently at lower tiers or when playing with a squad.

Eternal Return Character Weapon
Nadine Crossbow
Echion VF Prosthetic
Estelle Axe
Alex Tonfa
Eleven Hammer
Leon Glove

Eternal Return Tier List – A Tier

These are also really good Eternal Return survivors to help you climb the solo ladder. However, if you want to take full advantage of her abilities and unique perks, make sure to use her recommended weapons.

Eternal Return Character Weapon
Xiukai Dagger
Jackie Axe
Hyunwoo Tonfa
Li Dailin Glove
Hyejin Shuriken
Nadine Bow
Jenny Pistol
Magnus Hammer
Adina Arcana
Fiora Spear
Zahir Shuriken
Sua Hammer
Jackie Two-handed Sword
Jan Glove
Daniel Dagger
Cathy Dagger
Aiden Two-handed Sword
Johann Arcana
Jan Tonfa
Hart Guitar
Priya Guitar

Eternal Return Tier List – B Tier

As we move further down our Eternal Return Black Survival ranked list, we come across B-tier characters who are just average, meaning that while they can win games here and there, they don’t feel like S-tier or A-tier characters grade so easy.

However, with proper support and a little strategy and teamwork, you can make these test subjects viable.

Character Name Weapon
Jackie Dagger
Emma Shuriken
Adriana Throw
Nicky Glove
Yuki Two-handed Sword
Lenox Whip
William Throw
Chloe Shuriken
Eva Throw
Luke Bat
Felix Spear
Sissela Throw
Adela Rapier
Shoichi Dagger
Camilo Dual Swords
Hyejin Bow
Celine Throw
Silvia Pistol
Fiora Two-handed Sword
Elena Rapier
Jackie Dual Swords
Rozzi Pistol
Sissela Shuriken
Fiora Rapier
Chiara Rapier
Magnus Bat
Bernice Sniper Rifle
Xiukai Spear

C Tier

These are sub-par Eternal Return test subjects, so they are of very limited use and are only useful in certain situations. If you want easier wins, you should stick to higher tier wins unless you really know what you’re doing and know how to play them.

Character Name Weapon
Tia Bat
Hyunwoo Glove
Yuki Dual Swords
Li Dailin Nunchaku
Aya Pistol
Laura Whip
Barbara Bat
Markus Axe
Bianca Arcana
Mai Whip
Aya Assault Rifle
Rio Bow
Zahir Throw
Martina Camera

D Tier

Finally we have D-Class characters and their weapons. In our opinion, these are the weakest test subjects in the current version of the game. We really don’t recommend any of these characters as your Eternal Return main character.

Character Name Weapon
Isol Pistol
Aya Sniper Rifle
Isol Assault Rifle
Nathapon Camera
Piolo Nunchaku
Karla Crossbow

About Eternal Return

Formerly known as Eternal Return Black Survival, the game is a hybrid of MOBA, battle royale, and survival that will test players’ skills, strategy, and knowledge of the game.

More important, however, is the Eternal Return character you’ll be using and the type of weapon he has.

There are over 50 characters available in Eternal Return Black Survival, each with their own passive, basic and ultimate abilities.

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