Ever Legion Guide – Gears Team Composition & Easy Guide

Ever Legion Guide Beginners Advanced & Easy Guide

Last Updated on 17 March, 2023

Ever Legion Guide – Gears Team Composition & Easy Guide, a Fantasy Mobile RPG Game, all info you need about this game.

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Ever Legion Stargazing Guide

In Ever Legion, when you reach chapter 16, you can unlock the stargazing room in the tavern where you can get a specific hero for a high price. However, there are two rules to stargazing that you should keep in mind:

  • Only ever stargaze celestials or hypogeans to ensure that you get the best heroes.
  • Don’t stargaze using diamonds until you have at least 10 ascended heroes.

Prioritize stargazing Lucretia or Alna to ascend, as they are both great additions to any roster.

Ever Legion Stargazing Priorities

Once you have followed the rules of stargazing, it’s important to prioritize which heroes to choose. After the first four heroes, you should stargaze Lucretia or Alna to ascend. However, which one to choose depends on your goals and preferences. Both are great additions to any roster, and whichever you build, you can merc the other from a friend.

Ever Legion Guide – Summoning, Ascension, and Gear Strategies

Summoning Tips

To optimize your diamond summoning, set your wishlist to these heroes and always do a 10x summon for cheaper rates. Focus on getting Lyca first, as she is a versatile hero in any team. Use your faction scrolls and choice cards on Graveborn heroes.

Ascension Guide for Leveling Up

Before level 160, prioritize ascending fodder heroes to Legendary tier to bypass level caps on Ascended Tier heroes. Always ensure that you have enough copies before ascending to Legendary. After level 160, focus on ascending four-skill heroes and balance out your team with 1-2 heroes from each faction. Prioritize carrying heroes for your first ascensions, with Daimon being the strongest carry.

Gear Priorities

  • For Mythic Gear, prioritize Boots for movement speed and dodge, followed by Weapon for attack rating and accuracy.
  • Chest has better defensive stats compared to Hat.
  • For TI upgrades, follow the same priority as Mythic Gear.
  • For T2 upgrades, prioritize Weapon, followed by Boots, Chest, and Hat.

Guild Store Guide

  • Prioritize buying the most needed gear: finish upgrading weapon + boots before hat/chest.
  • Avoid purchasing legendary gear as it becomes outdated quickly.
  • Purchase faction gear only once most heroes have gear and a specific faction bonus is desired (recommended at 30% discount)

Ever Legion Team Compositions

Early game team comps should have 1 carry, 1 tank, and 3 supports. Carries should be leveled 20-40 levels above the rest of the team.

  • Wukong is the best carry for pre-level 100, but loses effectiveness after that.
  • Mirael is the standard carry for level 100 and above, as she deals high damage.
  • Place the tank second in line for leveling after the carry.
  • Supports usually don’t require leveling to function effectively.
  • Reinforce the middle back for maximum damage. If Daimon is not available, choose another top-performing hero.

Stay tuned for the upcoming Ever Legion Tier List of Heroes

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