Evolving Drip Zami to Drip Lami Evo in Anime Last Stand

Evolving Drip Zami to Drip Lami Evo in Anime Last Stand

Last Updated on 23 February, 2024

Evolving Drip Zami to Drip Lami Evo in Anime Last Stand. Evolution path of Drip Zami into Drip Lami Evo acquiring Lami Cloud and Lami Staff.

Evolving Drip Zami to Drip Lami Evo in Anime Last Stand

In Anime Last Stand, players have the opportunity to obtain Drip Zami, a character inspired by Nami from the popular anime and manga One Piece, for free using specific codes. To advance Drip Zami to her evolved form, Drip Lami Evo, two essential evolution items are required: Lami Cloud and Lami Staff.

Below is an in-depth walkthrough on how to level up Drip Zami into the epic Drip Lami Evo within the thrilling world of Anime Last Stand.

Obtaining Evolution Items

  • Lami Cloud and Lami Staff are the crucial evolution items needed for the transformation.
  • These items can be acquired in Story Mode, specifically in Water Park Act 6, available in both Normal and Nightmare difficulty levels.
  • Players have the flexibility to choose their preferred difficulty setting.
  • A total of 5 Lami Clouds and 10 Lami Staffs are necessary to initiate the evolution process.

Drop Rate Analysis

  • The exact drop rates for Lami Cloud and Lami Staff remain undisclosed at present.
  • Based on information shared online, obtaining Lami Staff seems relatively easier compared to acquiring Lami Cloud.
  • Past evolution items’ drop rates can provide an estimate. The drop chance for Lami Staff is speculated to be around 50-60%, similar to Spirit Shards for evolving Gojo. On the other hand, the estimated drop chance for Lami Cloud is approximately 20-30%, akin to other evolution items like Six Eyes and Cursed Fingers. These percentages are estimations and subject to change upon official release.

Evolving Drip Zami

  • Once players have amassed the requisite Lami Clouds and Lami Staffs, they can proceed to the Units menu.
  • Locate Drip Zami and select the Evolve option.
  • A prompt will display the necessary evolution items; click on Evolve to transform Drip Zami into Drip Lami Evo within Anime Last Stand.

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