Evony Guide Easy – The Kings Return

Evony Guide Easy The Kings Return

Last Updated on 5 February, 2023

Evony Guide Easy – The Kings Return – Easy Guide. The Game Evony is an epic mobile multiplayer game set in a fantasy, this guide will guide you.

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Evony Guide Easy – Starting Culture

Starting a new game in Evony can be an exciting experience, but with seven different cultures to choose from, it can also be a bit overwhelming. Each culture has its own set of bonuses and specialties.

It’s important to consider which one will be the best fit for your playstyle. The good news is that all of the cultures in Evony are balanced, so there is no one “best” option.

One important factor to consider is that you can use BlueStacks’ Instance Manager to play Evony: The King’s Return on PC with multiple accounts at the same time. This can help you build up multiple cities and funnell resources to your main account, so you never have to worry about running out of materials.

Evony Guide Starting Culture Perks

  • Europe: +10% Stone Production, +5% Mounted Troop Attack, +5% March Speed to Monsters
  • China: +5% Troop Load, +5% Ground Troop Attack, +3% Research Speed
  • Japan: +10% Food Production, +5% Ground Troop Defense, +8% Crafting Speed
  • Korea: +10% Lumber Production, +5% Ranged Troop Attack, +5% Healing Speed
  • America: +5% Gold Levy, +5% Siege Machine Attack, +3% Training Speed
  • Russia: +10% Ore Production, +5% Mounted Troop Defense, +10% Trap Build Speed
  • Arabia: +5% Gem Gather Speed, +5% Mounted Troop HP, +5% Bonus from Offering

For many players, the Chinese culture is an excellent choice for starting out in Evony. Their bonuses in troop load and research speed can help you gather resources and learn new technologies more quickly.

Getting Started in Evony: Building Your Town

Starting a new town in Evony requires you to focus on several key buildings, including resource production and military structures. The most important resource production structures are Sawmills, Farms, Quarries, and Mines, which produce Lumber, Food, Stone, and Ore respectively. While Mines and Quarries are unlocked at Keep levels 11 and 6, prioritizing Lumber is recommended over Food as the latter can be easily collected from the world map or your alternate accounts.

When it comes to military structures, the Barracks, Stables, Workshop, and Archer Camp are crucial in training your army’s four different unit types, which keep you safe from enemy attacks and gather resources from the world map. It is important to remember that the Keep building should always be a top priority as it unlocks other structures and allows your buildings to reach higher levels.

Building a Strong Army in Evony: The King’s Return

In the strategy-based game “Evony: The King’s Return,” players must build their own city, train their armies, and engage in battles against other players and NPC enemies. To succeed in this game, players need to understand the importance of different types of troops, the world map, and the effective use of resources.

Types of Troops in Evony

There are four main types of troops in “Evony: The King’s Return”: Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, and Siege. Each type of troop has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, which can be used to your advantage in battles. Infantry troops are strong against Ranged units, Ranged troops are strong against Cavalry units, and Cavalry troops are strong against Infantry troops. Siege troops have balanced stats but offer the highest troop load capacity, making them ideal for gathering resources on the world map.

It’s important to keep a balanced distribution of troops, but in the early stages of the game, players may want to focus on Siege troops to speed up their resource gathering. By having a strong army, players will be able to gather more resources from the world map, ultimately helping them progress faster in the game.

The World Map in Evony: The King’s Return

The world map is a crucial aspect of “Evony: The King’s Return.” On the world map, players will find various elements, including other players, NPC enemies, NPC bases, and gathering spots. Gather resources from the world map is a must throughout the game as waiting for resources to generate within the city can take too much time, and players will eventually have to wait for days for a single upgrade or building.

Once players have a strong enough army, they can send their troops to gather resources from the world map, which will dramatically increase their resource accrual. It’s important to regularly check the world map and utilize it to your advantage as much as possible.

Maximizing the Potential of Your Generals in Evony: The King’s Return

Evony: The King’s Return is a complex game that requires strategy and proper resource management to succeed. One of the key elements of the game is the Generals, who serve as leaders for your armies and play a significant role in the development of your city.

Generals are unique units in the game that have limited capabilities on their own but can greatly enhance the performance of your troops, workers, and buildings when assigned to specific tasks. For instance, when a General is leading an army, they can increase the attack or defense of certain units, improve the speed of the army when traveling towards enemy NPCs, or increase the chances of monsters dropping more loot when defeated.

To use your Generals effectively, you must first assign them to a specific position. This requires upgrading your Keep to level 16. The good news is that you can assign different Generals to your armies based on the situation at hand. For example, the General Spartacus can increase the march speed of your units by 75% when moving towards NPC monsters on the map, but only when he is the leader of the group.

There are many other Generals in the game, each with their own unique bonuses and abilities. Some Generals can improve the speed and efficiency of your workers, while others can boost the defense of your buildings. It’s up to you to choose the right General for each task and take advantage of their abilities to improve your overall performance in the game.

Establishing a Strong Foundation in Evony

As you start your journey in Evony: The King’s Return, it’s important to establish a strong foundation by upgrading your Keep and working on a balanced resource production. One of the best ways to achieve this is by focusing on Sawmills and building only a few Farms. Once you reach Keep level 6 and unlock 5 more slots, you can fill them with Quarries to produce enough Stone and Lumber.

To maintain a steady resource production, it’s also important to gather resources from the world map, including food and other materials. By having your units constantly gathering resources, you can avoid waiting for resources to fall into your lap and build and upgrade your town at a faster pace.

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