Factory Simulator Map Locations – Gold, Resinite, Tungsten…

Factory Simulator Map

Last Updated on 13 July, 2023

Factory Simulator Map Locations – Find Gold, Resinite, Tungsten, redmetal, bluemetal, iron, uranium, diamond, titanium, ultrawood, superwood, sand, ice crystals, hardwood…

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Factory Simulator Map Locations – Surface

This is the surface’s map and the resources locations:


Factory simulator surface map

Surface’s resources

  • Iron and hardwood trees: In the center of the map
  • Gold and superwood: Soutwest from the center of the map
  • Ice Crystals and superwood trees: Northeast from the center of the map
  • Lava Crystals and ultrawood trees: North from the center of the map (ultrawood requires tier 4 tools)
  • Titanium and sand: Northwest from the center of the map

But there are more resources in the cave, find the entrance, is connected to the iron and hardwood trees area (the center of the surface’s map)

Factory Simulator Map Locations – Cave

This is the cave’s map and the resources locations:

Factory simulator cave map

Cave’s resources

  • Iron: At the beginning of the cave
  • Diamond: Take the left path twice until you reach the diamond corridor
  • Redmetal: Right after the hall of diamonds
  • Tungsten & Petrified Tree: After the diamond corridor, just as the redmetal zone begins, take the first turning on the left
  • Bluemetal: After the redmetal area you will see a small detour to the left
  • Uranium: From the iron starting area, go right, or take the first path on the left and then turn right. Upon reaching the bifurcation uranium has left and right, but it is more abundant on the right
  • Resinite & Living Wood: Come back from the bluemetal area, turn left and left again (the area marked in blue is water)
  • Superwood: The purple question mark after the resinite area (you will need tier 3 tools to farm superwood)
  • Shroomite: North East from the Resinite area
  • Weird Ore & Superwood: South East from the Resinite Area
  • Energy Crystal: South from the Tungsten area

We will replace this maps with new ones as soon as new versions of the game are available

You need help to find any of the resources? Leave us a comment and we will try to help you

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