Fangs Tier List & Reroll Guide – Top Heroes Ranked (September 2023)

fangs tier list

Last Updated on 3 September, 2023

Fangs Tier List – All Fangs Characters Ranked from best to worst (Tier S to Tier D) and how to Reroll

Your search is over if you’ve been seeking for the Fangs tier list. A skill shot in the 4v4 MOBA game Fangs can mean the difference between victory and defeat because it emphasizes hero-specific strategy. The game includes a huge selection of heroes, just like other MOBA games.

The strongest heroes should be unlocked first because not all heroes are the greatest for the squad. Rerolling the best heroes could be challenging for a newbie. In light of this, we have created the Fangs tier list, which places all the heroes in order of quality.

Fangs Tier List – Best Heroes Ranked

Tier Hero
S Rowan, Fiorne, Brutus, Rose
A Kiona, Belroth, Ethryn
B Tufts, Somnia, Astrada, Rayo, Ishir
C Zoey & Boo
D Yanari

Of course, the aforementioned list represents the author’s viewpoints. You are recommended to utilize the heroes with which you are most familiar, even if we advise selecting S-tier characters. You can do this to discover new possibilities and learn how to use every hero in Fangs.

How Many Heroes Are There In Fangs?

At the time this article was being written, Fangs had a hero pool of over 10 characters. There are plenty of players available for your dream squad. It’s important to note that the list of heroes is likely to change as new updates are released.

The tier list we created above is divided into the next five categories:

Fangs Tier List – S Tier

These game characters are the strongest and most adored. The best talents, powers, and abilities in the game can be found in these characters, thus pulling them is highly advised.

Fangs Tier List – A Tier

They are normally the game’s most powerful heroes, easily outperforming many other units. However, in terms of overall skills, they are unfit to be S-tier heroes.

B Tier

They are viewed as the “above average” heroes who frequently stand by the group and keep an eye on them.

C Tier

They are heroes who seriously lack powers and capabilities. They therefore cannot compete with the majority of units.

D Tier

You should avoid from selecting any of them because they are the worst units in the game. These heroes are unable to deliver a strong performance on the field.

How To Reroll in Fangs?

Rerolling is a simple process in Fangs. Here are all of the steps for doing the same, in full:

  • Utilize Steam to download the game.
  • Use the guest account to log into the game.
  • Complete the prologue and tutorial of the game.
  • Finally, on the following screen, call the hero.

About Fangs

Fangs is a 4v4 MOBA created by Steve “Guinsoo” Feak that focuses on hero-specific strategies, where every skill shot can mean victory or defeat. Customize your heroes and your play style by unlocking and alternating hero-specific augmentations.




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