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Last Updated on 18 April, 2024

Get ready for EA Sports FC Mobile 24: Centurions, where styles may change, but classic beauty always rules supreme. These ever-present figures have etched their names in their club’s past by hitting an important centenary milestone.

Complete daily Skill Games, Matches, and Quests to progress through the Chapters and gain various Centurion Icons depending on the attributes you value the most.

Event date: April 04-May 02, 2024 (28 days)


Select your preferred Centurions Players and earn them by performing tasks. In the first week, you may pick between Zico and Van Nistelrooy, while in the second week, you can choose Makélélé or Lahm.


Zico’s consistency earned him the title of Centurion Icon, as he appeared over 500 times for Flamingo and scored over 500 goals throughout his career.

Van Nistelrooy

Ruud’s stint at Old Trafford was characterized by deadly accuracy in front of goal. Throughout his five seasons as a Centurion Icon, he scored more than 150 goals.


Makélélé smothered his opponents in Chelsea’s midfield, where he became a Centurion, with his positioning, game-reading, constant marking, and tackles.


Lahm earned the prestigious title of Centurion Icon after making over 500 appearances for Bayern Munich.

Parallel World

After choosing between Zico and Van Nistelrooy, the Parallel World chapter will be unlocked in FC Mobile 24. You may then use Skill Games and Matches to advance and claim them.

Trait Points

Complete daily Skill Games and Matches to earn Traits Points FC Mobile 24, which can then be exchanged for Centurion Players.

Type Reward
Free Reward 10 Traits Progress
Match 1 50 Traits Progress
Skill Game 1 20 Traits Progress
Skill Game 2 20 Traits Progress
Match 2 40 Traits Progress
Match 3 30 Traits Progress


To trade them for 200 Traits Points, you must have 100 Traits Progress out of a total of 170 Traits Progress available daily.

The Road of Zico/Van Nistelrooy

Trait Points equate to shooting, passing, and speed skills. The three categories of characteristic points may be traded in a 2:1 ratio. Using these trait points, you may create Centurions Zico/Van Nistelrooy with varying dispositions.

Type Cost Reward
Speed 500 Speed Traits Points 5x 20-200 Gems
94 CM Zico/RW Van Nistelrooy
Passing 500 Passing Traits Points 5x 20,000-200,000 Coins
94 CAM Zico/CF Van Nistelrooy
Shooting 500 Shooting Traits Points 5x 80-87 OVR Players
94 ST Zico/ST Van Nistelrooy

Find Centurions

Earn Scout Points by playing various modes, and then use them to find and recruit Centurions Players on your adventure!

FC Mobile 24

Scout Exchange

Use Players to swap Scout Points. You may exchange 70+ OVR Players and 80+ OVR Players for 100 Scout Points. This trade may be made just once each day.

Requirement Reward
3x 80+ OVR Players
8x 70+ OVR Players
100 Scout Points

Scout Searching

Every day, you may earn up to 100 Scout Points in 3 distinct modes. The quantity of Scout Points obtained changes depending on the mode. On weekends, your rewards will be doubled.

Type Win Draw Loss
Match 20
VSA 40 20 10
H2H 60 30 15

Scout Shop

P2P players may buy 200 Scout Points for 500 FC Points. This purchase is limited to twice per day.

Scout Travel

Spend your Scout Points here to get Centurions players, gems, coins, and other resources.

By completing laps around the board, you will receive Milestone’s advancement.

Objective Reward
Complete 1 Lap 500 Gems
Complete 3 Laps
(+5,000 Gems/500 FC Points)
91 OVR URP Mascherano
Complete 3 Laps 200,000 Coins
Complete 5 Laps 1,000 Gems
Complete 8 Laps 91-97 OVR Centurion Player
Complete 11 Laps 1,000 Gems
Complete 14 Laps
(+10,000 Gems/1,000 FC Points)
93-97 OVR Centurion Player
Complete 14 Laps 1,000,000 Coins
Complete 18 Laps 94 OVR Centurion Player

Centurions Quests

Complete Centurion Quests to gain Scout Points and other extras.


Objective Reward
Win 15 Division Rivals Matches 100,000 Coins
200 Scout Points
Play 15 Centurions Challenges 100,000 Coins
100 Scout Points
Perform Scouting Travel 30 Times 200 Gems
100 Scout Points
Acquire 15 Store Packs Centurions Standard Pack
100 Scout Points
Claim 20 Login Rewards 200 Gems
100 Scout Points
Complete All Quests Centurions Ultra Pack
91 OVR URP Mascherano
300 Scout Points


Go to the Exchange menu and make transactions to gain Centurions Players. Expect more exchanges to be revealed during the event.


Requirement Reward
2x 85+ OVR Players
4x 83+ OVR Players
5x 70+ OVR Players
88-97 OVR Centurions Player (untradable)
70+ OVR Player 80-97 OVR Player
2x 75-97 Players
6x 75+ OVR Players
11x 70+ OVR Players
3x 80-97 OVR Players
88+ OVR Centurions Player
84+ OVR Player
6x 80+ OVR Players
6x 85-97 OVR Players (untradable)
88+ OVR Centurions Player
86+ OVR Player
3x 81+ OVR Players
6x 70+ OVR Players
3x 87-97 OVR Players (untradable)
81+ OVR Player 5x 70-79 OVR Players
Centurions/TOTY Player 5x 78-84 OVR Players

Centurions Challenge Mode

Play Centurions Challenge Mode to receive more extras. Daily Challenges allow you to win coins, players, and gems. Play Weekend Challenges for higher prizes, including 88-97 OVR Mixed Version Players.

Centurions Star Pass

Complete the standard Daily Quests to gain Star Pass Credits and advance through the Centurion Star Pass in FC Mobile 24. The end prize for this pass is a 95 OVR CDM Xabi Alonso.

FC Mobile 24

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