FIFA 22 Attributes Explained

FIFA 22 Attributes

Last Updated on 22 October, 2021

FIFA 22 Attributes Explained – Pace, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Goalkeeping, Physical and Defending – Attributes and all the stats explained

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FIFA 22 Attributes Explained – Pace

  • Acceleration: The higher the value, the shorter the time needed to reach max speed
  • Sprint Speed: Max speed

FIFA 22 Attributes Explained – Shooting

  • Finishing: accuracy of shots using foot (inside penalty area)
  • Long Shots: accuracy of shots using foot (outside penalty area)
  • Penalties: accuracy of penalties
  • Positioning: make enough space to receive the ball in dangerous areas
  • Shot Power: how hard the player hits the ball
  • Volleys: accuracy and power of volleys

FIFA 22 Attributes Explained – Passing

  • Crossing: how accurately the player crosses the ball (running, free kick & corner)
  • Curve: curve the ball when passing and shooting
  • Free Kick Accuracy: accuracy of a direct free kick on goal
  • Long Passing:  long pass in the air to his teammate, it doesn’t affect long ground passes
  • Short Passing: short & ground pass to his teammate
  • Vision: increases the possibilities of a successful long pass

FIFA 22 Attributes Explained – Dribbling

  • Agility: how fast and graceful a player is able to control the ball
  • Balance: maintain balance after a physical challenge
  • Ball Control: control the ball as he receives it
  • Composture: the better the player performs when under pressure from an opponent
  • Dribbling: carry the ball and past an opponent
  • Reactions: how quickly a player responds to a situation happening around him

FIFA 22 Attributes Explained – Defending

  • Defensive Awareness:  track and defend an opposing player
  • Heading Accuracy: for either a pass or a shot
  • Interceptions: read the game and intercept passes
  • Sliding Tackle: time sliding tackles so that they win the ball rather than give away a foul
  • Standing Tackle: time standing tackles so that they win the ball rather than give away a foul

Physical Attribute

  • Aggression: player’s power of will or commitment to a match
  • Jumping:  jumping from the surface for headers
  • Stamina: rate at which a player will tire during a game
  • Strength: The higher the value, the more likely the player will win a physical challenge

Goalkeeping Attribute

  • Diving: save whilst diving through the air (affected by height)
  • Handling: how cleanly he catches the ball
  • Kicking: length and accuracy of goal kicks
  • Positioning: position himself correctly when saving shots (also how reacts to crosses)
  • Reflexes: how quickly the goalkeeper reacts to a shot on goal
  • Speed: close down an opponent in one-on-one situations

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