Final Gear Tier List – Best Characters Ranked – October 2023

final gear tier list

Last Updated on 30 September, 2023

Final Gear Tier List –  If you’re looking for a not-quite-official final gear ranking, here’s our pick of the game’s best characters.

Ranked through our list, you will see the best final equipped characters in the current version (global version).

Final Gear Tier List – Top Characters Ranked

There are different types of tiers for the units or pilots you acquire in Final Gear, the rarer a given pilot is, the higher the tier:

  • UR – Ultra (or Ultimate) Rare
  • SSR – Super Special Rare pilots
  • SR – Super rare Final Gear maiden
  • N – Lower than super rare (normal)
  • – Just rare (basic)

Of course, UR and SSR units in Final Gear are going to be some of the best units in the game, which is why we focused on these units when creating this Final Gear tier list. So let’s start with most OP roles in this meta:

Final Gear Tier List – S – Tier Units

The following pilots are the best characters in Final Gear. Therefore, if you are looking for a specific career or role, you should choose one of the following:

Character Name Class Role
Morgan Bomber DPS
Motoko Kusanagi Shooter DPS
Mari Q Sniper DPS
Rei Q Striker DPS
Coco Striker DPS
Shinji&Kaworu Bomber DPS
Blade Striker DPS
Calamus Striker DPS
Leangle Defender Tank
Nova Shooter DPS

Final Gear Tier List – A – Tier Units

Of course, it’s not that easy to get those super-rare or super-rare Final Gear characters from above, but don’t worry, you can also do a lot of damage with the following pilots:

Character Name Class Role
Kaworu Demolisher DPS
Tridacnidae Sniper DPS
Asuka Shikinami
Shooter DPS
Esaki Purin Bomber Support
Taysia Striker DPS
Cynthia Bomber DPS
Alexa Demolisher DPS
Rin Kamiuezono Striker DPS
Natasha (UR) Bomber Support
Illeheath (UR) Demolisher Support
Shmily Demolisher Healer
Snowy Demolisher Support
Solveig Defender Tank
Krista Demolisher Support
Elizabeth Bomber Support
Murasaki Defender Tank
PN26 Illeheath Demolisher Support
Rei Ayanami Defender Tank
Chalice Demolisher Support
Natasha Bomber Support

Final Gear Tier List – B Tier Units

If you can’t get some of these OP Final Gear characters from S or A tiers, you can still complete many stages and content with B tier units:

Character Name Class Role
Megaera Sniper DPS
Mirabelle Sniper DPS
Viorate Shooter DPS
Eloise Defender DPS
Mari Makinami
Striker DPS
Bernadette Demolisher DPS
Afra Defender Tank
Coreleah Defender Tank
Sweety Shooter Support
Aita Demolisher Support
Polar Demolisher Support
Sumora Defender Tank

C – Tier Units

Ok, so now we’ve looked at the average characters in the game. These aren’t terrible units, but they aren’t that great either, and while they aren’t great in their roles, they aren’t the worst either, and can still be used in most stages.

Character Name Class Role
Viola Bomber Healer
Pandora Shooter DPS
Dolores Sniper DPS
Nia Sniper DPS
Danngo Kobayashi Striker DPS
Flavia Striker DPS
Favia Striker DPS
Shinji Ikari Striker DPS
Asuka Q Striker DPS
Evelyn and Coral Striker DPS
Garren Shooter DPS
Leigh Shooter DPS
α-16 Shooter DPS
Evelyn (UR) Striker DPS
Margaret Defender DPS/Support
Roxanne Defender Tank

D – Tier Units

These characters don’t do well in our Final Gear rankings simply because they don’t have great stats and abilities. You can choose from many better performing units. But hey, if you’re just starting out, go ahead and use some of these:

Character Name Class Role
Serenity Striker DPS
PN72 Yogui Striker DPS
Batou Demolisher DPS
Aya Kujou Striker DPS
Evelyn (Pathogen) Demolisher DPS
Evelyn Striker DPS
Esmeralda Defender DPS/Support
Brittany Defender Tank
Eggy&Peggy Bomber Support

F – Tier Units

These are the weakest pilots in Final Gear, they are mostly used as fillers and shouldn’t really be used seriously in most game content, unless of course you’re just starting out. So it’s best to avoid these characters unless they get updated in the future:

Character Name Class
Jasmine Sniper
Rinbell Demolisher
Rebeyrca Defender
Paula Demolisher
Michaelia Sniper
Amber Sniper
Pheonix Striker
Jessie Shooter
Thea Striker
Chillino Bomber
Grave Bomber
Ariel Shooter
Shayditty Sniper
Karan Sniper
Helena Demolisher
Akari Onikage Striker
Miroa Striker
Patricia Bomber
Breeze Thallo Demolisher
Sura Demolisher
Keyla Sniper
Kristina Bomber
Audrey Striker
Lollar Shooter
Mama Defender
Xime Demolisher
Neplim Defender
Millyna Striker
Bathory Shooter
Veronica Sniper
Scheer Bomber
Memay Shooter
Mary Shooter
Aurora Defender
Maggie Striker
Zoi Demolisher
Nizzy Bomber
Aoiffe Bomber
Trang Shooter
Joranda Demolisher
Priscilla Sniper
Vivienne Sniper
Adrienne Striker
Ada Demolisher
Fulla Defender
Whitney Defender

About Final Gear

Final Gear is a Side-scroll Shooting Role-playing Game developed and published by Komoe Technology Limited. It launches worldwide on September 30, 2021, and is available as a free download from Google Play and the App Store.

The game features more than 100 maiden pilots of the Kegha civilization piloting powerful mechas against the evil forces that have suppressed the world, now a wasteland after a catastrophic meteor impact in 2110.

The gameplay is fun and engaging, and there’s tons of content to clear with your super powered mechs and highly trained pilots. But if you get tired of clearing out stage after stage, you can spend a few hours building your own base and customizing it to your liking.

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