Find the Markers Microwave Code (2024) Noob Marker

Find the Markers Microwave Code

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Find the Markers Microwave Code – Noob Marker – A guide to unlock the Noob Marker with the Microwave Code, with locations and tips

In find the markers you will have to find lots of Markers until you complete the collection. Most are achieved by exploring, although there are some, like the Noob Marker, that require something more. If you look for the marker in your collection of markers you will see that they give you clues. But the Noob Marker one doesn’t help much, it tells you to look at the Roblox page. Although if you add it to the post it that appears on the Microwave, which says ID, it becomes easier to guess what to do

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Find the Markers Microwave Code – Steps to unlock the Noob Marker

These are the steps to unlock the Noob Marker

  1. From the Spawn locate the house with a clock on top, and go to the house on the right
  2. Go inside and you will see a fireplace, go upstairs and you will see the hanging marker and the noob marker
  3. To unlock the noob marker interact with the microwave, enter your Roblox ID and press Go
  4. If you entered in your code correctly, once you hit the GO button you will get the message “Success” in the gray window
  5. Turn around and find the noob marker in the fireplace (before entering the code, the fireplace was closed)

So, the Microwave code is your Roblox ID, check this video guide

How to find your Roblox ID? To unlock the Noob Marker

These are the steps to get your Roblox ID:

  1. Access the Roblox page from the browser
  2. Click on your user to access your profile and you will see a url like this:
  3. Your Roblox ID is the 10 numbers that appear between Users and Profile
  4. You can’t copy and paste it into the microwave, so you’ll have to type it.

We hope you have managed to unlock the Noob Marker, and by the way the Hanging Marker, but you still have many to find, so be sure to check our guides

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