Fire Emblem Engage Vander Gift Guide – Best Gifts (2023)

Fire Emblem Engage Vander Gift Guide

Last Updated on 11 February, 2023

Fire Emblem Engage Vander Gift Guide – Best Gifts & Worst Gifts – The best way to improve your relationship with this character

Vander is a 32nd generation Steward of the Dragon, protectors of the Divine Dragon at the Land of Lythos. He cared for Alear who was asleep for ages and is a reliable ally who’s sworn loyalty to Alear.

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Fire Emblem Engage Vander Gift Guide – Best Gifts

We show you both the Best Gifts (the ones you should focus on), and the Worst Gifts (the ones you should avoid)

Best Gifts

When you find these gifts, reserve them for Vander, they are his favorites and they will help you improve your relationship

Bandages, Dragon Scripture, Flower Wreath, Flower Wreath, Horn, Horn, Lentil Flower, Lentil Flower, Muscle Balm, Spirit Gem, Sun Visor, Sun Visor, Training Weights, White Clover, and White Clover

Worst Gifts

Avoid wasting these gifts with Vander, they will not help you improve your relationship, and you can use them for other characters who do like them:

Dried Meat, Horse Manure, Large Plate, Lovely Candle, Playing Cards, Playing Cards, Spicy Seasonings, Spicy Seasonings, and Strong Perfume

Fire Emblem Engage Vander Gift Guide – How to get gifts?

The best way to get gifts is by exploring the map and investigating sparkling areas. It will take your time but you will always get a gift. You can also buy them in the Flea Market, which you can unlock from chapter 12. But the best method to farm gifts is still the sparkling areas, so don’t stop exploring

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