Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes – Best December 2023

Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes

Last Updated on 29 November, 2023

Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes – Best Maps – A selection with the best creative Hide and Seek maps, their codes and links

There are over 300 Hide and Seek maps, and we haven’t played all of them. Only to those who had a minimum acceptance, number of players and others. So it is possible that in the last few days some other worthwhile map has been created. If so, as soon as we detect it, we will add it to the list. Although if you want to leave us a proposal in the comments, we will analyze it as soon as possible

Other Maps: Map Code > 1v1, Escape Room, Horror, Parkour, Roleplay, Sniper, Tycoon, Race, Christmas, Music, Zone Wars, Prop Hunt, Dropper, Aim, Spiderman, TDM, Mazes, Deathrun, Open World, Mini Games, Fun, Box Fight, Squid, Puzzle, Races, FFA, Adventure, Blocks, Remake, Warm UP, Edit Courses, Murder Mystery, Trappers vs Runners, Snipers vs Runners, Only Up & Only Down

Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes – Best Maps

We leave you a selection with the best map codes of the creative mode, they are great. Click on the code link to preview the map

All links lead to the official website of Epic Games, although if it is not enough information, see the next section

If you like games like Hide and Seek and Fortnite, you’re in luck. With the creative mode you can access tons of games that have nothing to do with the Fortnite base game, beyond sharing graphics and resources, they have custom maps that will give you a totally different gaming experience

Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes – Video Preview

Another very interesting selection with some gameplay on each map, made by youtuber KaidGames. Take a look and decide which one you like the most

Most of the maps in the video are on our list, but you’re sure to find some hidden gem that we’ve missed.

Other Creative Maps Codes

In case you liked this selection of Hide and Seek maps, there are many more formats or game modes to choose from. Here are other groups that we have made of the best maps by category

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