Fredret Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Skills, Weapons, Equipment and Abilities

fredret best builds in the diofield chronicle

Last Updated on 3 October, 2022

Fredret Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Read on to learn more about Fredret Lester, his best abilities and physiques, early, mid and late game weapons, abilities, and more!

About Fredret Lester

Fredret is the first cavalry unit we will have in The DioField Chronicle. As the name of his class indicates, he specializes in making fast and flanking attacks thanks to his ability to attack several enemies in a group, or delay their arrival thanks to his class ability. He will be the first to arrive and the last to leave many of the battles you will have to fight in the game.

Apart from his mobility, his best feature is the large amount of health points he has, which allows him to withstand a lot of punishment before having to resort to a potion or a Mage’s healings. However, he is also a character that generates a lot of threat, and consequently he can be easily surrounded, so it is advisable to take him out of a combat if there is no soldier available that can take the pressure off him. Still, he will be one of the most versatile components of the Blue Foxes.

How To Recruit Fredret?

Fredret Lester is one of three starting characters in DioField Chronicle, along with Izelair Wigan and protagonist Andrias Rhondarson.

Fredret Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Overall Skills

Full Frontal Assault

Offensive Skill

        • Move to the indicated point and deal damage to enemies along the way.

Vicious Swing

Offensive Skill

        • Damages enemies in the target area and moves them in front of the unit.

Lance Strike

Offensive Skill

        • Deals damage to enemies in the target area. Snipers take extra damage.

Fredret Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Early, Mid and Late Weapons

Replica Lance

    • Highly accessible early in the game with decent Attack and HP bonus.
    • Has Full Frontal Assault and Vicious Swing as Active Skills.

Blaze Lance

    • The best affordable Lance before reaching Weapon Development Rank 5.
    • Additional 320 points to HP
      ・Has Vicious Swing and Lance Strike as Active Skills.

Twilight Spear

    • Has the highest Attack out of all the Lances.
    • Addional 412 points to HP as well as 9 points to Defence.
    • Has Full Frontal AssaultVicious Swing, and Lance Strike as Active Skills.

Fredret Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle –  Best Accessories

Accessory Hp Atk Def Tec Lck
Sage’s Hat 0 0 30 0 0
Bangle Of Birth 0 15 0 0 0
Sprightly Shoes 500 0 0 0 0

Fredret Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle –  Best Builds

This build allows Fredret to focus on defeating enemies with status effects, using powerful attacks without worrying about the health caused by his gear and passive abilities.

Weapons and Skills

Twilight Spear

Full Frontal Assault

Vicious Swing

Lance Strike

Accessories and Passives

Bangle Of Birth

Rude Health

Sprightly Shoes

Evasion Boost

Character Abilities

Insult To Injury


Physical Protection

Calm And Collected

Royal Disposition

Fredret Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle –  Best Abilities

Ability Description
Insult to Injury Deals 30% damage to targets with status effects.
Relapse Increases the duration of the target’s status effect by 3 seconds when using the skill.
Royal Disposition When HP is 100% or higher, damage dealt is increased by 50%.

Fredret Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle –  All Characters Quest

Chapter Quest Name Reward
Chapter 2 A Man in Demand 1000 G
Chapter 3 A Rift Between Friends 2000 G
Chapter 5 Thoughts Intermingled 10000 G
Chapter 6 Fredret 10000 G

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