Game of Khans Consorts guide

Game of Khans Consorts

Last Updated on 3 September, 2021

Game of Khans Consorts guide – Unlock new consorts, get affection to get married, and level them up to get heirs and unlock new skills

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Game of Khans Consorts – How to unlock?

There are 4 methods to unlock or get new consorts, from the flower market, as a reward for sovereignty, for login rewards, and for vip level, although the vast majority are obtained from the flower market.

From the main screen, go left and click on the flower building, then on the romance lane and start meeting the consorts (there is a daily limit)

From here you must increase the affection of each consort, and for this you must click on the letter of the consort of your choice, and give her flowers. Repeat this process as many times as necessary until you get married

Once you manage to marry a consort, they go from the flower market to the harem. So basically your first goal is to bring as many consorts as you can to the harem.

Dating Consorts

The process is very simple, to get to them: Flower Market> Romance> Lane. Then you click on their cards and you give them flowers. Flowers are acquired in two ways

  • Buy them at the flower shop
  • Pluck them from the garden (Sea of flowers) using energy (easier if you have energy pills

Game of Khans Consorts – Harem

If you already understand the dating process, the next thing is to take each of them to the highest level. To do this go to harem> consorts, and visit them. You will increase the experience of the consort you visit and you can have an heir. But if you open his profile later, you can do more things, such as leveling up, reviewing his skills or giving him gifts like rings or earrings

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