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girl cafe gun tier list

Last Updated on 31 October, 2023

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List  – Players, are you looking for the updated Girl Cafe Gun tier list? Make yourself a nice cup of coffee and check out the best Girl Cafe Gun characters in the game and the best guns in our ranking!

Girl Cafe Gun Tier List – Tier S+ Characters

These are the best Girl Cafe Gun characters currently in the global version of the game. Deleting stuff is a lot easier if you use these in a team.

  • Nie Shirou (Hobby)
  • Moon (Azure Wings)
  • Lida (Party Dress)
  • Irene (Party Dress)
  • Juno (Innocent Days)
  • Wuxia (Fast Food)

Tier S Characters

These are also impressive characters to use on your Girl Cafe Gun team to easily advance the game’s storyline.

  • Yuki (Halloween)
  • Eksistere (Chess)
  • Grainne (Gingko)
  • Eksistere (Girls Star)
  • Cornelia (Moon-Viewing)
  • Kaanal (Crystal Suit)
  • Rococo (Heart Catcher)
  • Cornelia (Party Dress)
  • Moon (Fast Food)
  • Yuki (Misty)
  • Lida (Maid)
  • Yuki (Pary Dress)
  • Wuyou (Holiday)
  • Wuyou (Casual)
  • Wuxia (New Year)
  • Moon (Swimsuit)
  • Nie Shirou (Swimsuit)
  • Yui (City Lights)
  • Moon (Birthday)
  • Rococo (Tactical Equipment)
  • Grainne (Tactical Equipment)
  • Lida (Casual)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Christmas)
  • Wuxia (Halloween)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Birthday)
  • Wuxia (Floral Time)
  • Irene (Swimsuit)

Tier A Characters

These Girl Cafe Gun Maids are great, they’re good at their role (support, firepower, defense or medical) and can be a great addition to any team no matter what you’re up against.

  • Iren (Maple)
  • Moon (Party Dress)
  • Wuyou (Tactical Equipment)
  • Juno (Maid)
  • Moon (Maid)
  • Rococo (Yukata)
  • Irene (Officer)
  • Lida (Officer)
  • Juno (Catnap)
  • Juno (Fast Food)
  • Grainne (Chess)
  • Irene (Defiler)
  • Grainne (Fairy Tale)
  • Moon (Cheongsam)
  • Eksistere (Fairy Tale)
  • Wuxia (Maid)
  • Juno (Party Dress)
  • Wuxia (Tactical Equipment)
  • Irene (Tactical Equipment)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Maid)
  • Grainne (Maid)
  • Yuki (Tactical Equipment)
  • Rococo (Swimsuit)
  • Wuxia (Azure Wings)
  • Wuyou (Party Dress)
  • Yuki (Swimsuit)
  • Moon (Gown)
  • Eksistere (Valentine)
  • Grainne (Swimsuit)
  • Cornelia (Casual)
  • Moon (Casual)
  • Wuyou (Cheongsam)
  • Yuki (Maid)
  • Aniya (Snowball)
  • Eksistere (Maid)
  • Juno (Swimsuit)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Cleaner)
  • Eksistere (Tactical Equipment)
  • Yuki (Cleaner)

Tier B Characters

These are your average units that can do well early in the game, but fall behind as you complete Girl Cafe Gun’s chapter quests.

  • Eksistere (Christmas)
  • Rococo (Officer)
  • Wuxia (Casual)
  • Wuyou (Fast Food)
  • Rococo (Tale Fairy)
  • Irene (Picnic)
  • Cornelia (Chess)
  • Wuyou (Maid)
  • Wuyou (Chess)
  • Wings Azure Wuyou
  • Lida (Swimsuit)
  • Eksistere (Casual)
  • Aniya (Mobile Suit)
  • Yui (Mobile Crystal)
  • Lida (Pastime)
  • Cornelia (Swimsuit)
  • Aniya (Girls Star)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Girls Star)
  • Lida (One Day Police)
  • Eksistere (Birthday)
  • Wuyou (Swimsuit)
  • Eksistere (Swimsuit)
  • Rococo (Birthday)
  • Wuyou (Chess)
  • Grainne (Defiler)
  • Cornelia (One Day Police)

Tier C Characters

These characters aren’t the best, but they’re not bad, and you can use them if you have no other options. However, don’t invest too much in these Girl Cafe Gun units, as they may not perform well in later missions.

  • Eksistere (Yukata)
  • Wuyou (Yukata)
  • Wuxia (Birthday)
  • Irene (Yukata)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Winter Outfit)
  • Cornelia (Defiler)
  • Nie Shirou (Defiler)
  • Wuxia (Defiler)
  • Cornelia (Official Dress)
  • Grainne (Casual)
  • Yuki (Casual)
  • Su Xiaozhen (Halloween)
  • Moon (Dusk Racer)
  • Kaanal (Casual)
  • Rococo (Casual)
  • Cornelia (Winter Outfit)
  • Nie Shirou (One Day Police)
  • Yuki (One Day Police)
  • Lida (Cleaner)
  • Moon (Cleaner)

Tier D Characters

Finally, we have the weakest character in the global version of Girl Cafe Gun, which should only be used if there is no other option.

Currently they are not that effective. Almost any other unit will be better than the units in this ranking, both offensively and defensively.

  • Grainne (Party Dress)
  • Eksistere (Winter Outfit)
  • Aniya (Winter Outfit)
  • Juno (Tale Fairy)
  • Yui (Casual)
  • Grainne (Birthday)
  • Lida (Halloween)

Girl Cafe Gun Weapons Tier List

Here is our Girl Cafe Gun tier list for weapons:

Tier Weapon Name
S Call of Victory, Corrupt Spider Queen, Directional Cannon, Final Remix, Frontline Warrior, Hallowed Spirit, Laser Pistol, Water Blaster, Water of Destiny
A Blazing Sword, Cruelty Maker, Fall of Demigod, Fiery Thorns, Gravity Compass, Guiding Star, Hell’s Fang, NY Hanetsuki, Precision Rifle, Ruthless Healer, Star Beacon, The Hive, Vacuum Cleaner, Winter Diffuser, Wrait of Jealousy, Xmas Candy Cane
B Abyssal Hammer, Beam Rifle, Deadly Blaster, Double Justice, EM Cannon, Galaxy Star, Luciferin, Novikov Launcher, Pale Dragonbreath, Poseidon’s Spear, Ruthless Rifle, Swan Dance, Tesla Aurora, War Bugle, Wolf of Nomads
C Artemis, Red Ember, Red Lotus, Six-String Guitar

Girl Cafe Gun Reroll Guide

Let’s check out how to perform a Girl Cafe Gun reroll:

For android OS

  1. Start playing the game as a Guest Account
  2. Go to your Android Settings > Apps
  3. Select Girl Cafe Gun and then the “Clear Data” option
  4. This will automatically reset and restart your journey the next time you launch the game

For iOS

  1. Simply uninstall the game and then reinstall it by downloading it again from the App Store.

For Girl Cafe Gun Codes, Click here

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