Goat Simulator 3 Save Steve Guide

Goat Simulator 3 Save Steve Guide

Last Updated on 27 November, 2022

Goat Simulator 3 Save Steve Guide – Complete Don’t Let Steve Drown, rescue Steve and become Steve guide

A video guide of just over a minute, made by PerfectParadox, where you can see how to complete Don’t Let Steve Drown and rescue Steve

Goat Simulator 3 Save Steve Guide

Steve is just a fish. We just need to unwind here for a while after searching the area for him for a little more than an hour and giving up a few times to do other things.

Anyway, let’s avoid digressing. You must dive into the pond and begin licking every fish there in order to discover Steve and finish the quest. When you lick anything or someone, a brief text identifying it appears beneath your character. This is the only method to determine which fish in the pond are indeed Steve and not just regular fish.

Once you locate Steve, you must grab onto him, take him out of the water by any means necessary, and lick him. When you accomplish it, the mission will instantly end.

Your prize, too? You change to Steve. Yes, you transform into a fish that can swim around the map and finish tasks. You receive something as your reward for completing this tiresome quest line. Enjoy it, then.

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