Grand Chase Tier List – Top Grand Chase Characters – February 2024

grand chase tier list

Last Updated on 6 February, 2024

Grand Chase Tier List – Wondering what the best Grand Chase characters are? Well, read on and you’ll find the exact current 2022 meta Grand Chase rankings below.

About Grand Chase Tier List

S Tier – These are some of Grand Chase’s best characters, a little underwhelming, but they shine in every aspect of the game. Be sure to invest in them ASAP.

A Tier – Very good Grand Chase heroes, they are good in all aspects of the game, be it PVE or PVP.

B Tier – Not the best, but by no means the worst. Some of them are still powerful enough to wipe most things.

C Tier – You should only use these if you really don’t have better heroes to play with.

D Tier – These heroes are not worth the investment.

Grand Chase Tier List – Best Characters

Tier Character
S Amy, Jin, Lass, Ley, Elesis
A Lime, Rufus, Veigas, Dio, Lire, Rin
B Arme, Dark Nephilim, Mari, Olivia, Rasel, Ronan, Ryan, Sieghart
C Cleo, Hanout, Poseidon, Sachi, Sage, Serdin
D Dullahan, Teragon, Turmeric, Cpt. Boar, Charon

What we focus on in our character rankings are:

  • Role type
  • Base Attributes
  • Skills / Ultimas
  • DPS Output
  • Healing Output

Overall, the best Grand Chase characters: Amy, Jin, Lass, Ley, and Elesis. Dio, Veigas and Rin are also very good heroes.

  • Jin is easily the best tank in the game, and he can use his power to protect his allies.
  • Lass has massive damage output while increasing the critical strike chance of allies through his buffs.
  • Amy is an excellent support character, able to provide her allies with a number of useful buffs, while also being able to remove enemy buffs by disorienting them or throwing them off cliffs.
  • Ley has the ability to summon demons to aid her and her allies in battle. She also has a special ability called a black hole that can cause massive explosions.

About Grand Chase

Grand Chase was originally released as an MMORPG in 2003, although now GrandChase has switched to a mobile game format.

The game is now a hero collectible fantasy RPG, available as a free download on Google Play and the App Store.

It’s a typical gachapon game, similar to Path to Nowhere, with an original storyline that goes back many years.

You have over 100 heroes to choose from to create the most diverse team, ready to take on any massive content in the game.

In Grand Chase, you can play alone or with friends and guild members, participate in two-player raids, or battle other chasers in the PvP arena.

The game also has an upgrade and progression system that makes your gear even more powerful.



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