Grand Cross Age of Titans Codes – Updated 2024

Grand Cross Age of Titans Codes

Last Updated on 4 April, 2024

Grand Cross Age of Titans Codes – Mobile game by Netmarble – Redeem these codes for in-game Gems, Food, Wood, consumables, cosmetics and more

Grand Cross Age of Titans Codes – Full List

These are all the available  Codes:

Redeem these codes for in-game Gems, Food, Wood, consumables, cosmetics and more

  • GATPREREGISTRATE – code reward: Happy Bonion, 2,200 Gems, Windmill Castle, Advanced Prayer Book, Designated Castle Transfer, 8-Hour Gathering Speed Increase, 1-Hour Speed Up, 1-Day Territory Protection, 1-Minute Speed Up, and three Level 2 Resource Chance Chests
  • GATGOOGLEPREREGIST (Android) – code reward: Proof of Promise, 100 Gems, 50,000 Food, and 50,000 Wood
  • GATIOSPREREGIST (IOS Apple) – code reward: Proof of Promise, 100 Gems, 50,000 Food, and 50,000 Wood

We’ll keep this list of valid codes up to date, so keep following us as we’ll add each new code as soon as it’s available.

Grand Cross Age of Titans social media channels, the channels from which they announce the codes:

  • Facebook fanpage:
  • Discord server:
  • Official website: – link
  • YouTube:
  • Instagram:
  • Play Google:
  • Apple:

Although you do not need to follow them if you do not want to, we will keep the list updated

Expired Codes

These codes no longer work:

Grand Cross Age of Titans Codes – How to use?

These are the steps to redeem codes

  1. Launch Grand Cross Age of Titans
  2. Access Profile: In the game, press the profile icon located in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Open Settings: Tap on the Settings menu, which is symbolized by the gear icon in the lower right corner.
  4. Select Option: Choose the “Exchange Gift Code” option from the Settings menu.
  5. Code Type: Determine the type of code you’d like to redeem. For example, if your code lists Google or Apple, press the corresponding Google/Apple button.
  6. Enter Code: Carefully type the codes in the text box, ensuring they match exactly with those provided in the list above.
  7. Confirm: Hit the “Confirm” button. Gifts will then be sent to your in-game mailbox, ready for you to claim and enjoy!

Also, If you need to know how to redeem a code, just check the following video, thanks to Youtuber:

About Grand Cross Age of Titans

Dive into the world of Skyna, awaiting a savior to rescue it from crisis.

Game Features:

  • Advanced Strategy Mechanics: Master real-time controls, use custom troops, and call upon special units that rain fire from the skies.
  • Lordly Skills: Possess lordly abilities and weapons, including the formidable Titans, that can pivot the tide of battles.
  • The Titans: Strategically deploy the Titans with their powerful abilities to turn battles in your favor.
  • Webtoon Style Storytelling: Follow the tales of unlikely heroes, Eugene and Mio, in Skyna, portrayed through extensive webtoon panels.
  • Alliance Building: Join forces, form alliances, and claim the sole throne of the kingdom amidst countless challenges.
  • Customizable Territory: Rebuild lands ruined by Chaos, and customize with various themes and structures.

Installation Details: Ensure at least 3 GB space is available. Ideal for tablets. By downloading, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

System Requirements: Minimum: Android OS Version 5 Recommended: Android OS Version 5.1, 4GB Memory, Galaxy S10

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