Green Hell Map Detailed (2023)

Green Hell Map Detailed

Last Updated on 28 April, 2023

Welcome to the Green Hell Map Detailed /  All valid places in Green Hell, marked on the map: base, camp, dock, jeep, elevator, airfield, drug lab, oasis, anaconda island and more

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Green Hell Map Detailed – locations marked in the map

Complete Green Hell map with all the locations, it has a lot of information and the map size is large (Click on the Map to Enlarge). So we advise you to download it and expand it to look it with peace of mind.

r/GreenHell - Full Map of Green Hell

On the map you can find a lot of interest places, such as:

  • Main Base (Story Mode)
  • Omega Camp (MAP + Lab in Story Mode)
  • Dock (Fish / Water Filter / 4P Spear / Rusty Axe)
  • Elevator (Story Mode / Mine Camp for Grappling Hook)
  • Airfield (MAP & Climbing area)
  • Drug Lab (MAP in survival + Pot / Water Collector / Machete)
  • Anaconda Island (Fishing Pool / Praun Trap)
  • Cave Locations
  • Grappling hook & Climbing Spots
  • Scuba Locations
  • Grappling Gun
  • Bamboo Smoking Rack
  • Weapon Rack  + Tribal Fire Starter
  • Drying Rack + MAP in Story Mode
  • Smoker
  • Main Tribal Village


Thanks to Beowulff

The creator has done a great effort bringging us this incredible map, full of the best locations in Green Hell, but if you have any questions about locations, we are going to help because we provide you a video where you can see all the locations marked step by step (Thanks to Youtuber Beowulff)


Green Hell Map Detailed – map with no marks

In case you need it, we provide a map without locations. This map can be used to make your own marks, download it and mark the locations that you think are necessary to facilitate the game (Click on the Map to Enlarge)

Green Hell Map Detailed – interesting videos

In the following video you can see a perfect game start (at least that’s what the creator says). It took 2 whole days to get to achieve these results that you can see in the video. (Thanks to Youtuber Beowulff)

For this other video, the creator has been playing several weeks, he created a hotel near the waterfall in Green Hell, so he had to cut down all the trees in the area to build the hotel, watch the video, maybe you may have an idea for your own game. (Thanks to Youtuber Beowulff)

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