Greenville Roblox Map

Last Updated on 9 September, 2021

Greenville Roblox Map – The best map to drive around the town, meet new friends and roleplay with all points of interest marked

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Greenville Roblox Map

This is the best current map, made by the roblox user Crazycatcrazyschool, zoom in (CTRL + Mouse wheel up) to see it better

Greenville Map

Points of interest

There are a lot of points of interest:

  • Downtowm: You will find the park, the WSP, the fire department, the Highschool, and also the Hospital. Lake Greenville is very close, south west from downtown
  • West Side: The Mall, the Airport, the Dealership, the DMV, the OCSO, and further west is Appleton
  • East Side: just some houses and streets, but further east is Hortonville
  • Black lines: Roads
  • Green lines: 2 lane roads
  • Brown lines: Dirt roads

Did you know that the game is inspired by greenville (Wisconsin)? And that some of the in-game businesses and locations are also in the real Greenville?


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