Guardian Tales Guide – Heroes, Tier List, Reroll, Tips…

Guardian Tales Guide

Last Updated on 18 May, 2023

Guardian Tales Guide – Heroes, Tier List, Reroll, Summon, Heavenhold, Gems and also a lot of Tips to get free stuff

Guardian Tales Guide – Reroll

Reroll requires a lot of time, so if you want and have free time, try to reroll a couple of times. But if after three attemsp you don’t get what you want, our recommendation is to keep playing.

What you should try to get? Tier S heroes and/or 3 star equipment (see the Tier S heroes in the next section)

How to reroll? Play until you get 2,700 gems for 10 pulls. To get the gems: newbie rewards, daily tasks, challenges, events…That is why it requires a lot of time, to farm the 2,700 gems

To start over and reroll: Gear icon > log out > open the game > sign in > and create a new account (it requires another gmail, Facebook or Apple)

Guardian Tales Guide – Tier List

The Tier S characters or Heroes, are the best in the game, if you get one of them at the beginning, do not reroll:

Guardian Tales Tier S Type Weapon
Nine Tailed Fox Garam  Ranger  Thousand Thunder
Mecha Warrior Oghma  Tank  Eckesachs
Drunken Swordmaster Lynn  Warrior  none
Necromancer Noxia  Support  furfur
Eight Tailed Fox Nari  Ranger  Sage Bead
Flower Girl Bari  Ranger  Mayreel
Future Princess  Tank  Liberator
Archangel Gabriel  Support  Magnificat
Future Knight  Warrior  none
Dark Magician Beth  Warrior  Predator

There are also Tier A, Tier B and Tier C Heroes, if you want to check the full Tier list, go here > Guardian Tales Tier List

Guardian Tales Guide – Heavenhold

Heavenhold’s Basics

  • Build and upgrade all the shops & buildings to produce gold, food, drink (check the producction in the upper left corner
  • Soul Points or SP: Heroes in Heavenhold produce this “coin”, you’ll need it to build or upgrade buildings

Heavenhold’s Buildings

  • INN: Upgrade it to increase the max population and also the max number of heroes
  • Facebreak: Upgrade the hero state square so your followers can visit the heavenhold
  • Hero Statue Square: requires 3,000 SP, but the follower visit cycle will be faster
  • Heavenhold shop: requires 3,000 SP, but you can buy attack stones, Exp and more there
  • Tower of Strength: requires 3,000 SP, but you will get attack buffs
  • Tower of Will: requires 3,000 SP, but you will get HP buffs
  • Strange Tree: requires 60,000 SP, but you will need to destroy it to get tomato canned soup
  • North Pinnacle: Clear stage 6-3 to unlock it
  • Mysterious Vending Machine: Unlock it to get the Libera weapon
  • Sealed Goddess: 1,000,000 SP, but you will unlock Plitvice
  • Gargoyle Statue: Clear stage 7-5 to unlock it
  • Skygarden: to increase the SP storage (you need 1,000,000 to unlock the sealead goddess and unlock Plitvice)

Guardian Tales Guide – Heroes

Make them stronger by equiping them gears, leveling (with Exp), awakening (unlocking the nodes with stones and coins), Limit break (only for 5 star heroes), and also evolution (with evolution stones

Guardian Tales Guide – Equipment

Upgrade high tier equipment using low grade equipment, and equip the upgraded high tier equipment to your heroes to improve their stats

So you have to farm equipment (low and high tier) to get the upgraded high tier equipment. And to farm: Summons, mileage shop, world stages and also item dungeons are the best sources of equipment

Guardian Tales Guide – Gems

You don’t need to pay for gems if you don’t want, you can also get gems free, Farm free gems in: Daily missions, world story stages, beginner missions, challenges, hero progresion and also events.

But the Coupon Codes are probably the best source of gems, you just need to redeem them before they expire (4 days after released). So don’t miss any codes and their rewards, check here > Guardian Tales Coupon Codes

Take in mind that codes are region exclusive, so make sure to redeem the active code of your region, not the others.

Where to Farm Gold, Exp, Equipment, Stones…?

  • Resource Dungeon Rift Mode: Gold, Exp and also Equipment
  • Awakening Dungeon: Awakening Stones
  • Evolution Dungeon: Evolution Stones
  • Missions: Gems, Exp and also Equipment

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