Guide to Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin High Priest Build – Skill Tree Guide

Guide to Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin High Priest Build

Last Updated on 21 August, 2023

Guide to Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin High Priest Build – Skill Tree Guide. Best way to building a powerful character that can help your team.

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Guide to Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin High Priest Build

The High Priest subclass within the Acolyte class can be an excellent choice for players looking to provide vital support to their team.

Take a look to this wonderfull guide at the best skill tree build for High Priest to help you become the ultimate support class.

Best way to building a powerful character that can help your team succeed in Ragnarok Origin. Remember to focus on a full support build:

  • Boosting your INT and DEX attributes
  • Allocating some points to VIT for survivability
  • Stick to your role and let the DPS deal damage, the Support buff and heal, and the Tanks soak up damage.

Stick to Your Role

Before we dive into the details of the High Priest class, it’s essential to remember that in any MMORPG, sticking to your role is critical to helping your team succeed. If you’re a Support class, avoid picking too many damage spells. On the other hand, if you’re a DPS, don’t choose too many life-saving spells. By staying true to your role, you’ll help your team work together more effectively.

Full Support Build

When it comes to the High Priest subclass, a full support build is the way to go. The buffs and heals that you can provide to your teammates are incredibly powerful and can be game-changing. To create the best High Priest build, focus on boosting your INT and DEX attributes, with some points allocated to VIT for survivability. Higher INT directly correlates to stronger spells, resulting in higher damage output and more effective healing.

Acolyte Skill Tree (1st Job)

Let’s take a closer look at the High Priest skill tree build for your first job.

Heal > Level 10 > This powerful healing spell can be used on yourself or allies and their units. The amount healed depends on your base level, skill level, INT, and any additional healing effects that you or your target have. Additionally, Heal can damage certain Undead monsters.

Blessing > Level 10 > This buff increases your teammates STR, DEX, and INT by 10 for ten minutes when cast at max level. If you have sufficient SP, you can cast Blessing on more than one teammate and maintain the buff indefinitely.

Angelus > Level 5 > Use Angelus to increase a tank’s ability to soak up damage. This buff raises your teammate’s DEF by 70% for six minutes and thirty seconds.

Increase Agility > Level 5 > This passive spell boosts AGI by 12 at level 5 and provides a 25% MSPD – move speed bonus.

Kyrie Eleison > Level 10 > This shield spell can protect a target from ten instances of damage. Kyrie Eleison’s strength is based on the target’s maximum HP and can absorb up to 46% of physical damage. This buff is particularly effective for tanks with high VIT attributes.

Priest Skill Tree (2nd Job)

Magnificat > level 4 > Double the magic recovery speed of your teammates with this spell.

  • Level 4 increases the effect duration to 75 seconds.

Sanctuary > level 10 > Level 9 of this spell grants a powerful AoE light spell that damages and knocks back monsters while healing allies. Teammates receive 900 HP per second, while enemies receive 450 Holy Magic Damage. The spell ends after 11 seconds or when 12 targets – friend or foe – have been affected.

Resurrection > level 4 > Bring back any fallen ally to life with this spell, with a cast time of only 4 seconds.

  • Upon revival, they will have 80% HP.

Impositio Manus > level 10 > Maximize the potential of your allies by giving them:

  • +100 to attack and increasing physical damage done by gears by 20%
  • Effect lasts for 5 minutes

Aspersio > Level 2 > Turn your allied hero’s attack into Holy for 5 minutes, increasing their overall damage and dealing an extra 100 fixed damage against Undead and Demon monsters. This spell works wonders when farming bosses of these categories.

Zen Heart > level 5 > A crucial passive skill that increases your

  • SP recovery > 15 +1% x Max SP
  • Restores the effects of any SP recovery items by 125%

This skill directly affects how many spells you can cast in combat and how often. Level 5/10 is sufficient, but increasing the level can help spam more spells.

Safety Wall > level 1 > This spell prevents all melee physical damage by 100%. Although the wall does not last long, it can still be helpful in clutch situations and save a teammate.

Gloria > level 5 > Cast this spell to grant all your teammates

  • +30 LUK for 60 seconds
  • LUK increases the chance of critical hits, damage, and dodging, making it an excellent buff for DPS or Tank characters

High Priest Skill Tree (3rd Job)

Assumptio > Level 10 > – Boost Your Team’s Defense: Spell that you should use when your teammates are being targeted by enemy monsters.

  • This powerful defense spell increases the defense and magic defense of your allies by a whopping 100% for five minutes.

Keep in mind that this is one of the strongest defensive spells in your arsenal, so use it wisely.

Meditatio > Level 10 > – Increase Your SP Regen and Healing Power:

  • Passive skill that every High Priest should have
  • At level 10, this skill increases your SP regeneration rate by 30% and your maximum SP by 10%
  • Boosts the amount you can heal with the Heal spell by 20%

This is a critical skill for your High Priest build as it will allow you to keep your team alive and healthy during intense battles.

Suffragium > Level 3 > – Reduce Cast Time for Your Allies:

  • Spell that you can use to reduce the cast time of your allies by 45% for 10 seconds

This spell is particularly useful for supporting your wizard friends or any other Acolyte-type characters. At level 3, this spell is an excellent choice for your High Priest build.

Mana Recharge > Level 4 > – Decrease SP Cost for All Skills:

  • Key passive skill for your High Priest build
  • At level 4, it permanently decreases the SP cost of all skills by 16%

If you want to push this even further, you can take it up to level 5, which will decrease SP cost by 20%. With this skill, you can use your spells more frequently and for longer periods without running out of SP.

Guide to Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin High Priest Build – Group page: follow this link

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