Guide to Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin Stalker Build – Skill Tree Guide

Guide to Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin Stalker Build

Last Updated on 21 August, 2023

Guide to Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin Stalker Build – Skill Tree Guide. Detailed guide on how to set up your Stalker skill tree in Ragnarok Origin.

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Ultimate Guide Ragnarok Origin Stalker Skill Build the Art of Stealth

Excel in PvP combat and dominate boss battles with this incredible guide. Mastering Stealth: an in-Depth Ragnarok Origin Stalker Skill Build Guide Dominate PvP combat and boss battles with this detailed guide on Stalker skills and tactics. Just check Guide to Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin Stalker Build.

Creating the Perfect Stalker

Skill Tree and Stat Distribution Before diving into the skill build, it’s essential to understand how to allocate your stats for the Stalker subclass.

Focus your stat points on:

  • DEX, STR, and AGI, with a slight boost in VIT.
  • Strive for a balanced distribution of the three primary stats, keeping VIT at 25% of your total investment.

To become a Stalker, start as a Thief and choose Rogue at the first upgrade. This path will lead you to the elusive Stalker when you reach level 70.

Thief Skill Tree (1st Job) – Essential Skills Explained

  1. Double Attack > level 10 > Increases your chance of hitting your enemy again by 55% (cannot crit) and boosts secondary weapon damage by 20% when using a katar. This passive ability is only activated with a knife-type weapon.
  2. Shield Dodge > level 5 > Grants a 10% chance to avoid enemy attacks and increases Dodge by 60 for 5 seconds, proving useful when surrounded by multiple enemies.
  3. Trick Control > level 4 > Deals 180% + 200 Neutral Physical Damage to 10 monsters in range. This AoE damage skill is perfect for clearing waves of weaker enemies.
  4. Detoxify > no level > Automatically acquired, this debuff spell removes poison effects from you and nearby teammates.
  5. Increase Dodge > level 10 > A passive skill that permanently boosts your FLEE by 30 and grants a 5% move speed bonus.
  6. Hiding > level 10 > Enter a state where no enemies can detect you, with no movement speed penalty. Hiding costs 10 SP + 1 SP for every 17 seconds spent hidden.
  7. Backslide > level 1 > With a single point, quickly disengage and move backward, gaining a 15% move speed bonus for 10 seconds. Ideal for resetting unfavorable fights.

Rogue Skill Tree (2nd Job) – Key Skills Explained

  1. Sneaky Attack / Raiding Shot > level 10 > A dual ability that changes based on your weapon. Using a dagger deals 450% + 350 Neutral Physical Damage and grants a 15% chance to earn 100 Eden Coins. When used with a crossbow, the same effects apply but are delivered via projectile.
  2. Crossbow Blade Mastery > level 10 > This passive skill provides a +30 ATK bonus when using a Crossbow Blade and Knife combo, which can be the core of your build.
  3. Remove Helmet > level 3 > Grants a 5% chance to remove the target’s helmet, with increased success based on DEX and LUK attributes.
  4. Stealthy > level 5 > Activated after using Hiding, this passive skill gives a 25% move speed bonus for 15 seconds.
  5. Powerful Raid > level 5 > This passive skill grants basic attacks a 10% chance to trigger Sneaky Attack or Raiding Shot, depending on your equipped weapon.
  6. Remove Cloak > level 3 > Offers a 5% chance to remove the target’s cloak, with increased chances based on DEX and LUK attributes.
  7. Coerce > level 5 > Freezes a single target for 2 seconds and pulls them towards you. Ideal for isolating and eliminating enemies in melee weapon situations, but exercise caution with powerful foes.

Stalker Skill Tree (3rd Job) – Advanced Skills Explained

  1. Counter Instinct > level 5 > A dual skill that works with both melee and ranged weapons, providing a 60% Physical Parry Chance for 5 seconds.
  2. Remove Armor > level 3 > Grants a 5% chance to remove the target’s armor for 15 seconds, with success rates increasing based on DEX and LUK attributes.
  3. Shadow Seeker > level 5 > Enter a shadow state where you remain hidden even after attacking. This state lasts for 17 seconds.
  4. Ambush Attack > level 5 > A passive skill that deals 10% more skill damage with melee weapons or 15% more skill damage with crossbows.
  5. Remove Weapon > level 3 > Offers a 5% success rate to remove an enemy’s weapon, with chances increasing based on your DEX and LUK attributes.
  6. Slyness > level 5 > A passive skill with dual bonuses depending on the weapon used. In dagger form, it increases Crit damage by 15% when more than one enemy is nearby. In crossbow form, it raises Physical Damage by 10% +1% for each ally near you.
  7. Copy > level 3 > Allows you to steal an ability from an enemy. At level 3, you can even steal MVP skills.

Guide to Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin Stalker Build

Rogue/Stalker class reigns supreme as the ultimate stealthy warrior. This elusive trickster excels in PvP battles and can hold its own against mini-bosses and bosses. To help you master this powerful class, this guide covers skill explanations, stat distribution, and tactical advice. Learn the ins and outs of the Stalker skill build in Ragnarok Origin and become an unstoppable force.

By mastering these skills and optimizing your stat distribution, your Stalker will become an unparalleled force on the battlefield. To ensure success, familiarize yourself with each skill and adapt your tactics to different combat scenarios.

As a Stalker expert, you’ll excel in PvP and PvE encounters, as well as against formidable bosses.

The Stalker class in Ragnarok Origin represents the pinnacle of stealthy warriors. With a vast array of skills to hide, run, disable, and attack, they pose a formidable threat in any PvP or PvE setting. The guide will equip you with the knowledge and tactics needed to dominate the battlefield as a master Stalker. Embrace the art of stealth and carve your path to victory.

Guide to Creating the Best Ragnarok Origin Stalker Build – Official Website Link

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