Guns Of Glory Game Tips (February 2023)

guns of glory game tips

Last Updated on 30 January, 2023

Guns Of Glory Game Tips – The best tricks, tips and strategies of Guns Of Glory, you will find them in this post. Do not miss it!

Century Games’ Guns of Glory is a strategy mobile game in which you can expand your territory on the map of the world while building a powerful kingdom and raising an army.

You’ll be experimenting with various army and guard setups and strategies along the way.

You’ll be fighting with your alliance of other players as they take on rival alliances to help you progress in the game.

You can use the tips in this guide to get off to a great start in Guns of Glory and advance more quickly.

Let’s go!

Guns Of Glory Game Tips – Brief Introduction

In the medieval setting of Guns of Glory, you control the commander of a powerful city.

It’s your responsibility to build new structures, renovate existing ones, train troops, gather guards, gather resources, and more.

It’s time to take on the big area packed with other gamers to battle and foes to defeat once you’ve trained a powerful army of troops.

By pressing the button in the bottom right corner of your screen, you can see the global map.

The location of your kingdom as well as any other players, opponents, and resources you can march to are visible on the world map.

An objective will take longer for your army to reach the further it is from your kingdom.

Use the search function in the bottom left corner to identify enemies, camps, or resources close to your kingdom that are of a sufficient level.

You can build the army you intend to use for that march before you begin moving in that direction.

At the start of the game, you can select one guard and troops, and if your castle reaches level 10, you can choose two guards and troops.

Along with training various troops, you will also be enhancing the skills of your army by gaining access to talents, traits, and research buffs.

Expanding your alliance’s area to get rewards is a significant component of the game because it greatly emphasizes team play.

Guns Of Glory Game Tips – How To Get Guards

Special characters known as guards command your army in battle.

They have amazing power, but they also possess a variety of skills that might improve your chances of winning, such as bonuses for your army.

In Guns of Glory, recruiting guards in the recruitment hall to the left of your castle is the main method for getting guards.

In the game, there are two different recruitment types: Normal and Master.

Normal recruiting is less expensive because it’s easier to get the necessary resources, but master recruitment can result in higher-tiered guards and improved odds.

You are entitled to three free standard recruitments each day and one free master recruitment every 48 hours.

You must use guard badges for normal recruitments and recruitment banners for master recruitments when you run out of free recruitments.

Defeating threats and red guard camps on the world map is the main way to obtain guard badges and recruitment banners.

When you run out of free recruitments, you must use guard badges for normal recruitments and recruitment banners for master recruitments.

The primary method for getting guard badges and recruitment banners is through defeating threats and red guard camps on the world map.

Guns Of Glory Game Tips – Best way to spend speedups

In Guns of Glory, the speedup is a highly helpful item.

Depending on the type of speedup, you can reduce the time needed for any upgrades, training, or building.

There are three different types of speedups: general speedups, speedups for training, and speedups for construction.

Construction speedups, training speedups, and general speedups can all only be applied to buildings that are being constructed or upgraded.

Spending speedups properly is essential because they have the potential to drastically accelerate your rate of progress.

We’ve found that it’s beneficial to apply general and construction speedups on your Castle at the beginning of the game because no other structure can surpass its level.

As a result, before going any farther, you must upgrade your Castle.

However, as the game progresses, we recommend giving the Academy priority because you cannot conduct fresh buff research while it is being upgraded.

Similarly, while they are being upgraded, you cannot train troops at troop generating buildings, therefore you should give those a higher priority.

Through a variety of game-related activities, such as prizes from taking down threats and red guard camps, unlocking chests, performing quests, and more, you can gain more speedups.

Guns Of Glory Game Tips – Follow Chapter Missions

Following chapter missions is the greatest way to make sure you don’t miss out on important content and resources in Guns of Glory.

Simple tasks defined as chapter missions can be completed for valuable resources and rewards.

The majority of the time, jobs ask you to train a large number of troops, battle a large number of foes, or upgrade a specific building.

By selecting the book icon on the left side of the screen in your kingdom, you may see your current chapter missions.

You get a good amount of rewards, such as recruitment banners, resources, and EXP, whenever you complete all the chapter assignments for a certain chapter.

Quests and events

Completing quests and events is another way to obtain resources and in-game items.

As you must do easy tasks in exchange for rewards, quests are comparable to chapter missions.

The main and daily quests are the two different kinds of quests.

There is no rush to finish the main quests, even though they take longer to complete than the daily quests.

Daily quests refresh every day, thus in order to receive the best daily quest rewards, you must finish a sufficient number of them each day.

Although completing daily quests yields some resources and stuff, daily quest chests hold the true rewards.

A specific quantity of daily quest points are awarded for each daily quest.

You can unlock reward chests by acquiring 10, 40, 80, 130, 180, 230, and 280 daily quest points.

Resources, recruiting banners, keys, and stones are among the rewards offered by daily quest chests.

By clicking the quest icon on the left side of your screen in your kingdom, you may view all of your quests.

Guns of Glory features ongoing events that let you complete tasks to obtain more rewards.

Click the “Event Center” button in the top right corner to view both current and upcoming events.

By taking part in events, you may be able to gain everything from speedups to recruitment banners.

Benefits of being in an alliance

In Guns of Glory, you should to join an alliance as soon as you can.

Joining an alliance has several advantages, but it also increases the game’s excitement due to teamwork.

You receive 200 coins and access to a ton of new features as soon as you join an alliance.

The alliance store, donations, exchange of goods, and gift chests are only a few advantages of joining one.

Additionally, after you join an alliance, you can battle alongside the other alliance members in conflicts and ongoing assaults on other kingdoms.

Alliance members can also assist you if you’re being attacked or require a certain item or resource.

Finally, you can help your alliance’s territory expand on the world map, which will increase your rewards.

To join an alliance, select it from the list by clicking the “Alliance” button in the bottom menu.

All alliances accept members either through recruitment or invitation.

Anyone can join an alliance with the “recruit” button, however those with the “apply” button need the alliance leader to accept your application before you can join.

Finding an alliance on a recruit basis is what we recommend new players to do because you can join one of those right away.

Later on, you might want to join a stronger alliance that has an application because they are usually older alliances.

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