Hades Gods Tier List

hades gods tier list

Last Updated on 6 November, 2023

Hades Gods Tier List – Wondering which Hades Gods is best for shooting? The Best Hades Ranking gives you an overview of all the different gods in Hades.

Hades Gods Tier List – S Tier


Artemis is similar to Zeus in that she’s generally a welcome sight even if you don’t have her as your main deity, whether you’re creating body-focused builds thanks to her pressure point boons, or you’re creating body-centric builds thanks to her Exit Wounds and Fully Created by casting to build electrified blessings.

Having said that, there are many weapons that support Artemis as a god of first or second choice. Aspects of Hestia, most bows, multiple throwing weapons. She’s at the heart of two of the most breakable structures in the game: Hunting Blades (a double favor with Ares) and the Heart Rend (a double favor with Aphrodite).

Almost any weapon with a mechanic that encourages you to switch between special and normal attacks becomes infinitely powerful after picking up Heart Rend.

At the end of the day, when you try to figure out the best build in terms of a particular weapon, it turns out to be Artemis, or at least 40%-50% of the time including Artemis

The main drawback of Artemis, or the reason you might want to focus on others, is that her attack multiplier isn’t very high. So for certain weapons, especially slower ones, it often makes more sense to use a god with a higher multiplier like Poseidon or Athena.

Artemis wasn’t always the best of the Hades, but she was often the best of the other Hades.


Zeus isn’t always the best choice among the Hades gods, but he’s usually a solid choice for almost any weapon. As a rule of thumb, Zeus is a good choice if you’re using a weapon with high attack speed. If you’re using splints with anything other than Hestia, Zeus will be your god of choice. Otherwise, it’s usually not the first choice, but it’s almost never a bad choice. He’s pretty good at most swordplays, he’s pretty good at shield specials.

Also, he’s usually a pretty good second choice for most builds, as he provides a great duo boon. If you’re using a slow weapon that Poseidon might prefer, you’ll be happy to see Zeus get a chance to unlock her duet blessing. Likewise, if you create a Dionysian-centric casting build, you’ll be looking for Zeus.

Generally, when you play the game, you will find that when you get the blessing of Zeus, you will hardly be disappointed. That doesn’t mean Zeus is much more powerful than the other Hades, just that he’s generally a popular power-up.

Hades Gods Tier List – A Tier


Ares is another god that is almost always popular because it increases the general damage. Having said that, his Slicing Shot spell is incredibly superior, especially if you get any of his upgrades, and if you get all of them, it’s undeniably the best spell in the game.

His spells emit swirling blades that move slowly across the battlefield, dealing damage over and over again. The area of ​​effect is greatly increased after the upgrade, use it to pull enemies, increase damage per hit, speed up and hit enemies (this is the Hunting Blades Duo buff mentioned above). If you can do it all, congratulations, you won the game.

His attacks and special boons aren’t a problem either, as they do a very high damage status effect called Destruction, which does very high damage after a few seconds. Combined with Athena, you can make Doom deal damage immediately after applying it (the easiest way is to use Ares Attack and Athena Dash to send garbage Dash Attacks), which is one of the most shattering and extreme ways to most enemies at once, and in just Take the boss from full to zero in seconds.

The reason he’s not an S rank is because he’s more risky and rewarding than Artemis or Zeus. If you choose the Slicing Shot build, but never get Hunting Blades or Engulfing Vortex, you’ll be unstoppable, not unstoppable. Again, unless you get the boon of Athena’s Duo, since Doom doesn’t benefit from attack speed, it’s usually just a nice secondary effect for weapons that only have occasional single-click actions, like rail specials or shields Bull Rush.

Still, Ares belongs to the best of the Hades Gods.

Hades Gods Tier List – B Tier


Poseidon is an interesting god. His special swing and attack buffs have a very high percentage damage bonus and also knock enemies back. In addition, his knockback ability has received various buffs to completely execute common enemies. If you use Poseidon’s power-ups to knock normal enemies into walls or other enemies, they’ll bounce like pinball machines and die quickly. So Poseidon is very good at clearing rooms, and he’s probably one of the best at taking out armored enemies with good health.

If you’re using a build that focuses on spear tricks, fist tricks, or to a lesser extent common shield attacks, Poseidon is generally a good, if not the best choice. He also has a good duet advantage against Zeus, the Lightning will go at the same time as his attack, which makes his advantage basically a combination of Zeus and Poseidon, since Lightning affects all Zeus’ Lightning powerups.

The problem with Poseidon is that he’s not good for knocking down bosses, since bosses are either immune or very resistant to knockback. He’s not terrible since his raw damage bonus is so high, but all the fun pinball execution stuff doesn’t apply to bosses at all.

Because of this, he’s best suited for mid or slow attacks that really take advantage of the big damage boost. Guan Yu’s gun special attack is a good example.


Aphrodite is a great demigod, especially when Artemis is your main god. He helps mitigate damage by applying a debuff status effect that reduces enemy damage and provides a passive damage mitigation buff. She’s also an excellent companion to Ares (though not as good as Athena), as her Duo Boon ensures that Doom effects don’t fail on weaker enemies.

When you play the game, you’ll usually find that it’s nice to have the ability to have weaknesses, usually through her special swing, but you’ll usually avoid putting her on the main because you have multiple ways and weaknesses there Has a stronger attack buff.

If her double blessing with Artemis hadn’t been so good, she might have dropped a level. Most importantly, her role in the gods of Hades is that she’s the secondary god you’re looking for when you focus Artemis on a physical damage-focused build.

Hades Gods Tier List – C Tier


Dionysus has some builds that really suit his strengths, but unless you choose them, you won’t get too excited to see him as an option while running. He deals stacking damage over time, known as Hangover. Typically, Dionysus needs quick attacks to stack curses quickly, but is weak enough to no longer benefit from Artemis’ crit chance.

Or, he has a great spell, but it’s a lobbing mechanic, which makes him sometimes slow and hard to hit unless you’re using Hera’s Aspect or Beowulf’s Aspect.

So Dionysus had a few options. His DoT works well with the Aspect of Chaos shield, as 5 shields allow for max stacks on his DoT, which is otherwise very weak as a direct damage option. This is probably the best use of the hangover ability.

If you’re using Patronus of Hera or Beowulf, his spell is a good choice, especially if you’ve got Zeus’ Duo Blessing, which unleashes a lightning storm within him.

Aside from these two specific scenarios that are very powerful and definitely worth checking out, Dionysus is usually not your first, second, or even third choice when it comes to boons.


It’s almost undeniable that Athena has the best dash buff in the game, which deflects enemy attacks and deals a small amount of damage. I can’t stress enough that distraction is incredible. The main problem with Athena is that she is usually the third choice. You want the Dash Boon, and if you’re maintaining Ares, you want her Duo Boon, but otherwise, Athena offers only mediocre damage mitigation.

Even if you’re blessed by the Ares/Athena duo, you only need to hit Athena once or twice to get the dash and her power or attack, and then you never see her again.

Once you get a thing or two from Athena, you basically choose another god over her, only accepting her blessings if that’s the only option available.

There are some weapons that are really good for Athena’s attack buffs or boosts, notably the Sword of Arthur or the Sword of Zagreus when using the lifesteal buff, but otherwise you won’t be actively looking for Athena.

Overall, this is not one of the most desirable Hades Gods.


When it comes to the god Hades, Hermes really is more of a reward god than anything else. Its capabilities are convenient, but for the most part, they’re not groundbreaking. If you have to choose between Hermès and your major or minor god, be sure to pass Hermès to you. If you are not choosing between good options, Hermès is usually a good choice.

However, some blessings from Hermès are quite good. No matter what build you choose, he’ll cheer you on, whether it’s an extra dash, faster attack speed, or reduced spell cooldowns (if you’re using Stygian Soul).

None of this is explicitly necessary, but it’s all good. Because of this, Hermes is almost never a priority among the gods of the underworld.

If you’re creating a Hunting Blades build, his Legendary Bad News is a great addition to your OP-ness, as it greatly increases damage to enemies not stuck in it, and the Hunting Blades don’t inflict blood shards.

Hades Gods Tier List – D Tier

If Artemis and Zeus are generally good among the gods of Hades, Demeter is generally bad. If you use Demeter as your primary target, your damage will be low. It just doesn’t provide much damage bonus. The only real damage increase it provides is Arctic Blast, which deals bonus damage when you max out an enemy’s cold stack. Rails are probably the best weapon for this build, and are much weaker than Zeus or Artemis-focused rail builds.

The best thing about Demeter is her spellcasting ability, which is probably the 4th best spellcasting ability in the game, but if you’re doing a physical build and just want a spellcast to fall off and do extra damage as you do Great other stuff. This is probably your main purpose for using Demeter.

That being said, almost all of her abilities revolve around inflicting cold in various ways, and honestly, cold doesn’t do that. Let me give you two scenarios: you can cool down every enemy on screen and watch them move a little slower so you can dodge them better if you kill them slowly, or you can have Ari Artemis, Artemis or Zeus sweep across the screen in a split second. The choice is clear.

Like Athena, if you’re forced to accept the Demeter boon, you’ll usually find something very useful the first few times, but you’ll almost never choose her over any other god of Hades, and you certainly wouldn’t choose her access.

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