Harem Hotel Bar Moon Walkthrough – v0.16

Harem Hotel Bar Moon Walkthrough

Last Updated on 27 April, 2023

Harem Hotel Bar Moon Walkthrough – A guide to unlock and level up Bar Moon to Max level, also all the repeteable events and scenes

If you need help with other character, complete guide & walkthrough > Here

Bar Moon is the bar waitress, her full name is Ji-yeon Moon, and it will be easy for you to find her, she is always at the bar, although we explain the steps below

Harem Hotel Bar Moon Walkthrough – How to Unlock

To unlock Moon you have to buy the upgrade of the Bar, it is done from the Lobby, talking with Ellen

(To access the bar, click on the beer button in the center, down,  of the main menu)

Harem Hotel Bar Moon Walkthrough – Level Up

Whenever you go to the bar, check if you can perform independent actions with Bar Moon

  • 0 event: Buy the bar upgrade
  • 1 event: Order a drink
  • 2 event: Wait 1 day and go to the bar
  • 3 event: (after 3 days) talk to the bartender on weekend
  • 4 event: (after 2 days) Evening – Bar weekday (Requires Maria level 19)
  • 5 event: (after 2 days) Evening – Bar weekday
  • 6 event: (after 1 days) Evening – Bar weekday
  • 7 event: (after 3 days) Any time – Bar weekday > Reach level 10/10 (upgrades > Ellen)
    • 7.2 event: (after 3 days) Evening – Lobby
  • 8 event: (after 5 days) Evening – Bar
  • 9 event: (after 5 days) Evening – Your Room – Lobby
  • 10 event: (after 2 days) Any Time  – Bar (requires Twins level 5)
  • 11 event: (after 4 days) Any Time  – Lobby
  • Max Level v0.16

If it does not allow you to continue with the progression because it tells you that you need training, go to Lobby> Ellen> Upgrade> Bar> Training, and complete them all, there are three

Scenes and Repeteable events

You can access all repeatable scenes and events from the bar, talk to Moon and choose > Spa.. > Your choice

Codes and cheats

Here you can check all the Cheats & Codes

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