Harem Hotel Ellen Walkthrough – v0.17

Harem Hotel Ellen Walkthrough

Last Updated on 15 August, 2023

Harem Hotel Ellen Walkthrough – A guide to unlock and level up Ellen to Max level, also all the repeteable events and scenes

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Ellen is the hotel receptionist, she will help you with more things than you can imagine, so let’s start with her walkthrough

Harem Hotel Ellen Walkthrough – How to Unlock

To unlock Ellen only progress with the main characters, it will not take long to unlock her and go up to level one, when you have her follow our steps to reach the maximum level

Harem Hotel Ellen Walkthrough – Level Up

Follow these steps to unlock events and scenes with Ellen:

  • 2 event: any time – Laundry room
  • 3 event: (after 5 days) any time – Hot Springs
  • 4 event: (after 1 days) Evening – Ellen’s room
  • 5 event: (after 1 days) Evening/night – Lobby
  • Max Level v0.17

We suppose that this route still has a lot of development left, although it already has scenes

Scenes and Repeteable events

You can find her in the morning and at noon in the lobby, in the evening click on the lobby also to access the repeatable scenes

Codes and cheats

Here you can check all the Cheats & Codes

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