Harem Hotel Vanessa Walkthrough – v0.16

Harem Hotel Vanessa Walkthrough

Last Updated on 15 August, 2023

Harem Hotel Vanessa Walkthrough – A guide to unlock and level up Vanessa to Max level, also all the repeteable events and scenes

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Vanesa is one of Kali’s university classmates, so to find her you have to go visit Kali at the university in the evening, she is the girl with purple hair. But it takes time to unlock, so we explain below

Harem Hotel Vanessa Walkthrough – How to Unlock

To unlock Vanessa you have reach Kali level 35 & Android  level 32, then one weekday evening go to Kali’s room > visit her (university) and unlock Vanessa

Harem Hotel Vanessa Walkthrough – Level Up

There is not much you can do on your own, beyond the steps of her route:

  • 0 event: Evening – Kali’s college > Accept (Requires kali > 35 & Android >32)
  • 1 event: (After 4 days)
    • Morning / afternoon – Kali’s Kali’s room
    • After 1 day: Afternoon > Hot Spring
  • 2 event: (after 3 days) Any Time – Lobby
  • 3 event: (after 2 days) Noon – Your Room
  • Max Level v0.16

We suppose that this route still has a lot of development left, although it already has scenes

Scenes and Repeteable events

In version 0.14 there are no repeatable events with Vanessa, so take advantage when you complete steps of her walkthrough

Codes and cheats

Here you can check all the Cheats & Codes

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