Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Andre Egwu Answers

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Andre Egwu Answers

Last Updated on 23 October, 2021

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Andre Egwu Answers – All the Questions & Answers – Meal, Quidditch, Drink Butterbeer & Wizarding Levels

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Andre Egwu Answers – Meal

All the Meal Questions and Answers:

Who’s a fashionable wizard? – Question
Albus Dumbledore
Gilderoy Lockhart

Where do I shop in Hogsmeade? – Question
Gladrags Wizardwear

What notes rules for public attire? – Question
International Statute of Secrecy

Who enforces clothing rules? – Question
The Wizengamot
The Wizard High Court

What is traditional Wizard garb? – Question
Plain robes
Pointed hats

Who is the President of FART? – Question
Archie Aymslowe

When did you buy clothes? – Question

After escaping Devil’s Snare

Quidditch questions – Gobstones

All the Quidditch Questions and Answers:

How do you score points? – Question
Put the Quaffle in the goal hoop
Catch the Golden Snitch

Who was a Quidditch referee? – Question
Leopoldina Smethwyck
Cyprian Youdle

What game predates Quidditch? – Question

Which ball is used in Quidditch? – Question

What position does Charlie play? – Question

Which of these is a foul? – Question

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Andre Egwu Answers – Drink

All the Drink Butterbeer Questions and Answers:

Where did we meet? – Question

Where do we usually catch up? – Question
The Three Broomsticks

What am I known for? – Question
Playing Quidditch
Knowing fashion

Who do I support? – Question
Pride of Portree

What do i Always want to do? – Question
Watch Quidditch

What’s my surname? – Question

Wizarding Levels Adventure Answers

All the Wizarding Level Adventures Questions and Answers:

I know I want to play Quidditch
There’s no guarantee it’ll happen

Why do I need good marks? – Question
Education is important

You don’t think I’m good enough? – Question
I do, but backup plans are smart

I’m already being scouted? – Question
Nothing’s set in stone yet

Wouldn’t it be better to practise? – Question
Answer: You practise loads

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