Harvesters Reach Safe Code Walkthrough in Remnant 2

Harvesters Reach Safe Code Walkthrough in Remnant 2

Last Updated on 3 November, 2023

Harvesters Reach Safe Code Walkthrough in Remnant 2. Unlock the Rusted Heirloom with our concise safe code walkthrough in Harvester’s Reach.

Harvesters Reach Safe Code Walkthrough in Remnant 2 – Steps

  1. Location of Safe: While Harvester’s Reach dungeons are randomly generated, if the safe is present in your playthrough, the entrance to it remains consistent. Look for a distinctive hole in the wall. You may need to play through the dungeon multiple times if the safe doesn’t appear on your run.
  2. Accessing the Safe Area: Crouch to enter the hole in the wall. The section beyond this hole will be unveiled on your map once you’re inside.
  3. Finding the Code:
    • The interior will have various four-digit codes scribbled around. Notably, one of these codes will be next to the safe itself.
    • One of the numbers in the code by the safe will be more vivid or pronounced. Take note of this brighter number and its position in the sequence.
    • Investigate the area on the safe’s side of the entrance to find other numbers and their sequence positions.
    • Typically, the numbers you’re searching for are: 1, 3, 5, and 8.
  4. Unlocking the Safe: After gathering all the numbers and their respective positions, input the code into the safe.
  5. Reward: Inside the safe, you will find the Rusted Heirloom. This is a special ring that provides two stacks of Bulwark, which translates to a 13 percent damage reduction when your health dips below 50 percent.

Also you can check a video – Full Guide. Thanks to Kibbles Gaming.


Harvester’s Reach Safe Code Walkthrough in Remnant 2

In the game “Remnant 2”, the Harvester’s Reach dungeon, though randomly generated, may contain a safe that players seek for its valuable content: the Rusted Heirloom ring. To find the safe, players must locate a specific hole in the wall, leading to a section with several four-digit codes scribbled around. One code near the safe highlights a number more vividly than others.

By piecing together this and other numbers (usually 1, 3, 5, and 8) found nearby in their correct sequence, players can unlock the safe. Inside, the Rusted Heirloom awaits, granting wearers a 13% damage reduction when their health drops below 50%.

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