Hatoful Boyfriend Trophy Guide

Hatoful Boyfriend Trophy Guide

Last Updated on 31 January, 2023

Hatoful Boyfriend Trophy Guide – Unlock all trophies and achievements with our guide, all the characters routes, also Tohri’s and BBLs

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Hatoful Boyfriend Trophy Guide – Full List

Unlock all trophies and achievements with our guides:

  • “Carve it into your soul, kid! LOVE BLASTER!”: Complete Torimi cafe story (ED no.12) > Check Koshiba‘s Route
  • It’s a sad thing…: Get Bad ending (the hawks party killed you) > Check Bad Ending
  • What May Come: Get Kazuaki ending (ED no.08) > Check Kazuyaki‘s Route
  • While it lasts: Get Ryouta ending (ED no.01) > Check Ryouta‘s Route
  • A Pudding Odyssey: Get Okosan full ending (ED no.07) > Check Okosan‘s Route
  • Dream’s End: Get Nageki ending (ED no.04) > Check Nageki‘s Route
  • Final Decisive Battle Averted: Get Tohri Ending (ED no.14)> Check Tohri’s Route
  • Into the Night: Get Sakuya ending (ED no.02) > Check Sakuya‘s Route
  • Song of the Foolish Bird: Get Sakuya full ending (ED no.03) > Check Sakuya‘s Route
  • Such Beautiful Eyes You Have: Get Shuu ending (ED no.09) > Check Shuu‘s Route
  • The Happy Couple: Get Shuu ending (ED no.10) > Check Shuu‘s Route
  • To be the True Java Sparrow: Get Azami ending (ED no.13) > Check Koshiba‘s Route
  • To the End of Emptiness: Get Anghel ending (ED no.11) > Check Anghel‘s Route
  • Until next time!: Get Okosan ending (ED no.06) > Check Okosan‘s Route
  • Yuuya Only Lives Twice: Get Yuuya ending (ED no.05) > Check Yuuya‘s Route
  • BBL I’ll be waiting…: complete every main character route with at least one ending and start a new game (fulfill the promise)
  • …at the Dawn: Get the BBL epilogue: get all 14 endings

Final Decisive Battle Averted: Get Tohri Ending (ED no.14

Tohri’s ending is an ending added just for the playstation versions of the game. It is a little side path within Shuu’s stori. It doesn’t matter which elective classes are taken for Tohri’s ending.

  • 04/11 Join the infirmary staff
  • 04/15 neaten the desk
  • 04/21 Talk to Kazuaki
  • 05/21 Go to the “first-aid tent
  • 06/22 Go to the infirmary > hear your voice
  • 07/07 Wish to “rule the world from the shadows > no thank you
  • 07/13 I was in my classroom
  • 07/20 Ask him about the “Missing students
  • 07/24 Decide to “forget it
  • 08/06 Shuu
  • 08/14 Ask what he’s doing
  • 08/30 return to my glorious abode
  • 09/03 it’s suspicious, so destroy it
  • 10/10 you’ll contact the stalker bird first

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