Haven Achievements Guide and Roadmap

Haven Achievements Guide and Roadmap

Last Updated on 18 November, 2022

Haven Achievements Guide and Roadmap – All the achievements or trophies and how to unlock them – Tips, locations and tutorials

Haven Achievements Guide and Roadmap – Full List

  • Balding bloot! – Story Achievement, impossible to miss
  • Like new! – Story Achievement, impossible to miss
  • Second thoughts – Story Achievement, impossible to miss
  • Don’t look back – Story Achievement, impossible to miss
  • Flower Powered – Epilogue Achievement, impossible to miss
  • Hug therapy – While one or both characters low life, stop moving
  • Lovebirds – Glide without turning, they will hold their hands, wait 10 seconds
  • Head in the clouds – Idle in the grass were there are birds
  • An eye for an eye – Throw your partner and miss on purpose (requires: unlock throw your partner action)
  • Life’s short, ride long – jump from a high place (requires to unlock the backflip)
  • Ain’t no mountain high enough – Find the thread of flow near the entrance north of Benadon
  • Over my dead body – Shield with the same character in a fight until the shield runs out
  • Last minute – When a character is KO you can choose the action to assist him, just do that fully loaded
  • Perfect timing – Do a combined attack max charged with Yu and Kay
  • Strike! – use an omni-impact or an omni-blast capsule depending on the enemies
  • Shake the rust off their feet – Knock out five creatures (capsules) then pacify them
  • Unstoppable – If you undergo a real KO, you can still exit to main menu and reload
  • Thar she blows – Defeat Beruberu (will appear after 24 mins without coming back to the nest)
  • Back to rust – Beat Lorudo (islets like Lonarow, Wakiri or Loname)
  • My little pony – Beat Heliga (islets like Nekame)
  • Mooning the moon – Beach in Chogeko islet at night > interact with the sunbath option in the sand
  • Can’t get wetter… – Nekarow > interact with each waterfall (there are two) once
  • Pearls before Birble – Give some creamery fondue to Birble > climb on it
  • In my shoes – Interact with Oink until the scene (Yu & Kay eating mushrooms in the nest)
  • Heartstrings – Tutorial Below
  • Strip-a-bobble – Just have launch in the nest until this scene (random event)
  • A love supreme – Eating and talking are the best way to tie bounds between characters
  • Self-sustainability – Collect x3 seeds of each plant (18 seeds), go back to the nest
  • À la carte – Eat all the dishes (15 from the nest and 6 from the campfire)
  • Spring cleaning – If the rust comes back (Wakitai & Wakiri), clean them once and don’t come back

Haven Achievements Guide and Roadmap – Tutorials

Heartstrings Achievement

  1. Find a shell on the beach in Chogeko: plunge in the water from the top pic > then explore the cave
  2. Kay will make a guitar (you may need multiple shells, it is random)
  3. Wait until your next campfire night

Achievements video guide

A video guide with the achievements: Hug Therapy / Love Birds / Life’s short, ride long / An eye for an eye:

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