Head Basketball Unlock all Characters & Mod APK

Head Basketball Unlock all Characters & Mod APK

Last Updated on 29 March, 2022

Head Basketball Unlock all Characters & Mod APK – The method to unlock each character playing, and the best mod apk in case you prefer to cheat

Head Basketball Unlock all Characters & Mod APK – Best Mod APK

The best mod apk is that of D&D Dream, with which you will get unlimited money with which to unlock all the characters. It is the most reliable, and it is updated every two or three months. Here we leave you the link, where you can also see the mod apk the Head Boxing and Head Soccer

Unlock Requirements

  • Taemin: Download the game.
  • Hayato: Beat 12 Characters (Arcade) or buy for 100k points
  • Alfredo: Win 30 Tournaments or buy for 200k points
  • Harish: Beat 12 Characters (Arcade) with a clean sheet or buy for 300k points
  • Jacob: Win Tournament final (Sudden Death) or buy for 400k points
  • Tyler: Win without Ability Shots against 12 Characters (Arcade) or buy for 500k points
  • Julia: Win Tournament final > 25 points diffrence or buy for 600k points
  • Lucas: Hit a Buzzer Beater against 12 opponents (Arcade) or buy for 700k points
  • Jeremy: Hit a Buzzer Beater in the Tournament Final or buy for 800k points
  • Linlin: SS Rank in Survival or buy for 900k points
  • Mark: Level 100 reward or buy for 1M points
  • William: Unlock 10 Characters endings (Campaign) or buy for 1,1M points
  • Leonardo: Beat 14 Characters with 25 points difference (Arcade) or buy for 1,2M points
  • Jeanne: Win without losing a point in the Final of Tournament or buy for 1,3M points
  • Jerome: Win without g Swing against 16 opponents (Arcade) or buy for 1,4M points
  • Alom: In Campaign, touch the flying totem with the ball and then beat Alom or buy for 1,5M points
  • Savika: GOD ranking in Survival or buy for 1,6M points
  • Vukasin: Win without dash against 19 opponents (Arcade) or buy for 1,7M points
  • Ukrit: Win a championship with 18 characters in Tournament or buy for 1,8M points
  • Brant: Win without jump against 21 opponents (Arcade) or buy for 1,9M points
  • Omario: Win without ability shot in the final in Tournament or buy for 2M points
  • Karim: 10 wins against 23 opponents (Arcade) or buy for 2,1M points
  • Tepano: Level 100 with 5 characters or buy for 2,2M points
  • Musa: Win Superstar League or buy for 2,3M points
  • Danny: Purchase Head Boxing
  • Cleopatra: Clear Campaign 20 times or buy for 2,5M points
  • Adia: Win Superstar League with 10 characters or buy for 2,6M points
  • Nico: SS Rank with 20 characters or buy for 2,7M points
  • Dao: (Arcade), do 5 counter attacks in 1 game vs 20 opponents or buy for 2,8M points
  • Samir: $0.99 or £0.99
  • Jalo: In Tournament Win a Championship With 30 Characters or buy for 2,9M points
  • Artemis: (Arcade) Win By Sudden Death Against 20 Characters or buy for 3M points
  • Dante: In Death Unlock The Ring With 5 Characters or buy for 3,1M points
  • Yazid: Win Superstar League without swing or buy for 3,2M points
  • Razvan: In Death Win without losing a point in boss stage or buy for 3,3M points
  • AF-94: Clear Campaign without ability shot or buy for 3,4M points
  • Sophie: Clear Death without conceding > 29 points or buy for 3,5M points
  • Blitz: Download BoomTank Showdown
  • Glik : 5 Counter Attacks in The Final Death Mode or buy for 3,7M points
  • Bo: Win a Head Cup with 39 Characters or buy for 3,8M points
  • Ernesto: Beat Head Cup game mode without Jump or buy for 3,9M points

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